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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Developing Intuition

Excerpts from a lecture given on February 21, 1978

When the mind is said to be intuitive and you develop it, it is an investment. It is as good an investment as your hair-do, as your good clothes, as your good language. And then whenever you want the answer to something, you don't have to call on anything. You have to call your own computer. Just stop yourself. And in the click of moments, your own self will talk to you.

You have to concentrate. It is the mind which can concentrate for you. The mind is given as a tool to you. Mind is not your master. Mind was given to you to serve you. You develop all other facilities of the world; air conditioned rooms, good cars, electronic instruments, but the biggest computer which you have is your mind. You never developed it.

The science of yoga says that whenever a mind can be developed to be under your control, when you do not have thoughts incoming, at that moment your mind is with you. When won't the mind give you any thought? Don't create a thought. Enjoy it. That is the first stage of the intuitive level.

First the mind should be empty, and you should enjoy it. It is cozy. And you can hang in there with that cozy mind for a while. But you'll not be in a position to hang in there for a long time. That, you have to develop. But if you can hold with your mind more than five minutes, you have set up your mind to compute for you.

That is the beginning. If you can hang on with your empty mind for eleven minutes, then you can use your mind for direction. If you can have your mind with you for fifteen minutes, you can compute every consequence of your life through any sequence with your own mind.

Life is not equal for all, and it is not equivalent for all. You have to fit in at the frequency of your mind and your body. I have seen that the majority of people do not know how much their body can take. They have never assessed it. Everybody feels a body can take whatever you can give it. That is not true.

Everybody has a capacity. Every mind has a frequency. You have to bring the two together, and then you have to find out who you are. That is the easiest way to live happily.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan