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Renewing the Brain

Excerpt from Transformation Volume 1: Mastering the Self

Our fundamental right as human beings is to live our destiny—to be healthy, happy and holy. The way we express that right is by rewriting the patterns in our brains; that is, literally, rewiring our responses to life so that we can quit reacting and begin living.

Our brains are the most sophisticated, responsive, elastic mechanisms in the Universe. Although our intellectual capacity peaks early at age 22, our capacity to change grows as we exercise it. The mind is our intention, our identity, our purpose; the brain is what we use to fulfill our purpose. This capacity to fulfill our intention, our word, is blocked by old patterns, old habits and old responses. Hence, the capacity to rewire the brain is an essential human asset. 

Neuroplasticity describes the brains ability to create new neural networks, adapt old ones, and respond with a new pattern. Stroke victims learn to speak and walk again; they re-learn fine motor skills. How? They create new neural networks, new patterns in the brain that adapt and learn. The part of the brain that used to speak and understand language is now dead, so the brain adapts and co-opts nontraditional language centers of the brain in order to learn to speak and write again. This is neuroplasticity; this is flexibility; this is our human capacity.

As yogis, we use the eyes—drishti; and the hands—mudras; and the tongue—mantra to rewire our brains. On the subtle level, we move and arrange the tattvas (five elements) in new patterns so that our brain can rewire itself. We drop the past and begin to respond in new ways; we invite new experiences in as we let go of old habits. This is the true discipline of the law of attraction. Change your Self so that you change what you invite in.

"When you are at the same frequency with the cosmic energy, opportunities come to you, when you are at a different frequency then opportunities may be there, but you cannot feel them, know them, or act upon them, therefore they don't exist for you."
-Yogi Bhajan, 4/11/76

The frontal lobe is the seat of human experience­-our personality, our reason, our judgment; the capacity to respond instead of react. Developing a mature, responsive, frontal lobe can mean the difference between irrational, erratic behaviors and sophisticated, skilled responses. The Golden Chord, between the pituitary and the pineal, is activated by the eyes and the stimulation of the hypothalamus. The seat of the Third Eye, the frontal lobe, intuits, discerns and directs us to act. Kriyas for the frontal lobe create a heaviness in the forehead and Brow Point, challenging the hypothalamus and pituitary to respond effectively.

Renewing the brain is your fundamental human right to manifest your own destiny and live a life of purpose. Many kriyas can help you rewrite your patterns and rewire your circuits, so that you can live as a free man, a free woman, a free spirit.

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