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The Perfect Spot to Meditate

By Rai Singh

Yogi Bhajan said that we should be able to meditate anywhere, even in a bathroom. Have you ever tried it? Let's say you're on an airline flight that takes 6 hours. What will you do with all that time? Let’s say in your personal discipline you're practicing a meditation that takes 31 minutes. Just meditate! You may not think that is the best spot to meditate and you might prefer to get wherever you are going and be alone to meditate, but what is stopping you from doing your meditation on the plane, train, office, or bathroom? The ‘where’ is not important; your tuning in and focus is.

Many of us may think that the best spot to meditate is on the top of Mt. Everest because we have a mental image of it. After all that work to get there, your mind is completely in silence as in a Kundalini Yoga class, where your worries at the begining of the class scream in your mind, one after the other, but at the end of the class you feel light and clear in yourself. But let's face it, the journey can be very painfull, as the path to get to the top of the mountain would be.

So how we can set our perfect spot to meditate?

  1. The place is not important—the state of your mind is.
  2. Alone is good, but with other yogis is awesome.
  3. The best time is now, after is always more complicated.
  4. Your spot should be meditative, not a Disneyland of yogis.

What I mean by meditative is that too much decoration can be a distraction. Remember that the majority of Kundalini Yoga meditations are with eyes close or focusing on the tip of the nose or third eye.

I built a Koi pond in my garden with the expectation of meditating near the pond. That was the best spot to meditate to my mind, but let me tell you, that never happend. Every time I tried to meditate next to the pond, I was looking at the pond and the fish and not focusing on my meditation at all. The best place to meditate for me ended up to be in my office.

Rai Singh is the owner of Acuario Pro, a Digital Marketing consulting agency. He lives in the beautiful and green South of Chile with his family where they work with the community building a better future for our children.