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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Naad - The Resounding Sound

Excerpts from a lecture given on 11/24/90 in Hamburg, Germany

Effective communication is called Naad—harmonious speaking and hearing at the same time—something which connects.

Ordinarily, people do not have harmonious understanding or hearing or listening. Nor do people have the clarity of speaking. So, what we are doing within the smallness of us is unpredictable because we do not know what we are saying, or if what is heard is understood or not.

When what one says and what one hears is in established harmony, then when the master speaks, the disciple hears. When the person of love speaks, the beloved hears. When the Creator creates the harmony and vibrations, the creation hears it.

The creativity of the Creator and the creation, the lover and the beloved, the center and the expansion—all things are balanced on one thing: the understood self. That element of understanding is called Naad. It's a beautiful word. “In the beginning there was a Word, the word was with God, and the word was God.” When you read that in the Bible, it is saying, “The word came out of Naad, and the word merges back into Naad.”

There can be a life which can be totally blah, no taste to it: the Naad of life is not sounding and resounding—and life depends upon that resounding. According to that resounding there’s a taste to life.

Watching what living is, understanding what it is, feeling what it is, being part of what is, is within us. And that makes us communicate with our soul. We constantly talk to our soul. And sometimes we are fortunate to hear that conversation consciously.

When my self hears my soul, that is the Anaadee Naad. That is what is called, “Celestial music.” When self talks to its soul, that is where you find the taste, the juice, the beauty of life. The rest is protection.

We build walls, defenses, denials, psychological interwoven escapes, rational escapes. We give distance to our destiny, and still something pulls us back to the center. Why do we come to that center? What is the pull? We want to hear our self. We want to hear that one word in experience, in taste, “I am, I Am.”

You are here because you are to be here. There’s a strength and a feeling in the soul. There’s that little, subtle voice in you which wants you to come. It’s my humble duty today to get you to that stage that you hear. If you can hear the essence of your life clearly, you can essentially progress on the way of life very successfully. Life has a chance to be tasteful or it can be tasteless.

How subtle are we, not about others, but about ourselves? There are a lot of people who put in a lot of effort, but they fail. They ask the question, “Why, with all the effort I have put in, am I failing?” They go to the expert and they are given advice or counseling. They are willing to hear that. I wish they would have heard their own inner counseling, because everybody knows within one’s self where one’s wrong is.

Temporarily you can patch up your wrong for the sake of being right. But in the long run, the joyful, successful experience shall come to you when you can develop the capacity to hear your inner self, and that is the world. The beauty of the Naad is essentially the beauty of the self. The resounding of the Naad is the taste of the self. The vitality of life is the projection of the Naad, and the fulfillment of the life is the concept of the Naad. I hope you have come here to understand with that depth the most subtle subject of life, and you will gain from it. We are a simple, living, human being and we should watch our living, and hear our inner sound, which is pure love, pure life, pure existence.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

[Published in Aquarian Times, Aug/Sept 2008]