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Ang Sang Wahe Guru

Ang Sang Wahe Guru


"The dynamic, loving energy of the Infinite Source of All is dancing within every cell of me."

This mantra eliminates haunting thoughts. Under the pressures of fear, this meditation keeps us together, conscious, and ready to act. It brings the inner peacefulness that comes only from the touch and scope of spirit.

Ang is 'a part.' Sang is 'in every,' or 'with every.' Wahe is 'the indescribable living ecstasy of Infinite Being.' Guru is 'the knowledge that transforms your mind, emotion and essence.' The whole phrase means, "The Infinite Being, God, is with me, and vibrates in every molecule and cell of my being."

“The word Ang Sang Wahe Guru is meant for destroying unconscious habits and unconscious thoughts for which we are not willing to go through the consequences.”

Chanting Ang Sang Wahe Guru 25 Times Each Day

“One word I ask you to learn. One line. I'm not asking you to do pranayam for thirty hours and then you'll be fine, or if you can fly in the air you will be wonderful, or if you give one billion dollars as charity, then you'll be nice. Nothing. Don't do anything for me or believe me or trust me.

25 times you have to say for yourself: "Ang Sang Wahe Guru." In 24 hours you have to say 25 times, to yourself, not for me, not meditating on God, not closing eyes, not doing any yoga. You can do it while sitting on a toilet seat. It doesn't matter. It is all you. You have to have no ceremony for it. It will develop intuition in you that you need. It will let you see the unseen, hear the unheard, and know the unknown.”

How you can face the day? Just twenty-five times a day do this Japa, "Ang Sang Wahe Guru," and when you say that, just feel Guru is with you. Once you start feeling Guru is with you, God is with you, wisdom is with you, positivity is with you, your strength is with you, you are with you, and the whole world will be with you. And some people say, "Oh, I can find the world on my own." Without Guru there is darkness in spite of all light. Without Guru there is no knowledge which you can achieve and practice. It is the self-guidance in experience which is the Guru, which takes you from darkness to light. 

Chanting this mantra synchronizes the finite sense of self to the lnfinite Oneness.

This mantra expresses a universal truth. Repeating it creates a thought, which gradually guides the psyche to adjust itself. lt reconnects every fragmented projection of the psyche, each separated part of the body, and synchronizes the finite to the Infinite.

This act of rejoining the separated parts is the quintessential act of healing. Under attack, under war, under the pressures of fear, this mantra keeps us together, conscious, and ready to act. lt brings the inner peacefulness that comes only from the touch and scope of spirit.

The dynamic, loving energy of the Infinite is dancing in every limb and every cell of our being. lndividual consciousness merges with the Universal Consciousness. With this mantra, we experience that we are not alone. The lnfinite One is with us in every cell and every limb of our being. We feel the Divine Presence removing our fears and loneliness.

-Mantra: Personal Guidance through the Power of the Word, available through KRI.

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