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How to Practice Venus Kriyas

Venus Kriyas are Kundalini Yoga exercises done with a partner, usually but not necessarily, a partner of the opposite sex.

Although Venus kriyas are less intense than White Tantric Yoga®, they fall into the category of a more advanced Kundalini Yoga practice because they intensify the experience of the exercise through the polarities of the male-female interaction.

Adhere to the following guidelines when teaching or practicing Venus Kriyas:

  • Always tune in with the Adi Mantra, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, before practicing Venus Kriyas.
  • Venus Kriyas are not done to sensually or sexually seduce one’s partner. They are done from a state of elevation, to elevate the relationships and the polarities to a pure and high vibration. If done with the wrong intention, they lose their effectiveness and, in fact, it can be more damaging than helpful.
  • Limit the exercise to 3 minutes.

Teaching Venus Kriyas

If you are a Kundalini Yoga teacher and are going to teach Venus Kriyas, follow these guidelines:

  • It is best to reserve Venus Kriyas to those with Kundalini Yoga experience. Use your judgment to assess when your students have the discipline to practice Venus Kriyas. In Venus Kriyas the energetic and sensory connections of the partners are used to elevate the sexual and sensory energy to a connection based on awareness and the capacity to see the sacred in the other.
  • Do not line up in lines as in White Tantric Yoga®. Two people can sit together anywhere. If you line up, then the energy is shared diagonally. That is not the intention of Venus Kriyas. The energy is only intended to be shared between partners.
  • Do not create an entire class using Venus Kriyas. Just use one or two along with a Kundalini Yoga kriya. 

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