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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: The Power of the Third Chakra

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan, February 5, 1991, Los Angeles, California

In life the third chakra is yes and no. High and low is balanced at the third chakra. It is a point of pure energy. If you do not know to balance the third chakra, you may have all the degrees, all the knowledge, all the money, all the beauty, but you shall be unhappy. Because it is not what you feel, it is not what you know, it is not what you can do—it is how you can balance it. When you cannot balance, you cannot live.

Now you think, “I can balance.” Not true. This is how the human brain works: as you hear, you should balance it. As you say, you should balance it. You can't do it later. The capacity of the body has to balance it.

The inner ear has three bones. There are two bones and one hammer on both sides. What I say, you don't hear. The center of understanding in our body’s nervous system is controlled by the navel point. So your eyes, ears, tongue, and throat are controlled by the navel point. Whatever you hear, whatever you see, and whatever you say is controlled by this navel point. If the navel point pulse is felt a little above the navel point, it means diarrhea. If it is a little below, constipation. If it is on the left side, gas. If it is on the right, burp. And all it has to be off is one millimeter. If the navel point is one millimeter off, your entire digestive system, your feelings--you are not you.

Then you go to the doctor and take the medicine. What does medicine do? It suppresses the symptoms, calms down the nervous system. But the problem doesn't go away. Sometimes your arm hurts, sometimes your shoulder hurts. Eighty percent of headaches are because of the navel point. Ninety percent of the time you get tired because of the navel point.

Your entire nervous system is controlled by it. “What did you say?” "You heard me." "Yeah, but I don't understand." Navel imbalance. You hear but you don't hear. What was that? You see, but you don't see. The tragedy is that if you do not know how to balance in your third chakra automatically, you can't do it later. Game is over. That is the tragedy of it.

Awaken the Kundalini. To awaken the Kundalini means all hundred facets of pressure are automatically balanced by you. Then serious things are balanced. You enjoy life. You cut through it. You are intuitive. You know it. It is not like a watch and you have to wind the third chakra up and when the spring is full you can enjoy it. This doesn't work that way. It has to be invoked, initiated, and it has to be automatic. What is the benefit? The benefit is that you can't be beaten once it is on.

God doesn't get angry with anybody. God doesn't take revenge from anybody. God doesn't deny anybody. One who denies another person has nothing to do with God. Denial is not God. But where is the courage in us to accept this whole thing? Here, at the third center. We can be totally unique, perfect. Our presence can work. We can be beautiful without any setup and charge if we have our third center working for us.

Is there anything you do to enjoy life? Because none of you have a balanced observation. You cannot observe and think and then balance. You eat honey. You get the taste spontaneously. You eat red chilies. You get the taste spontaneously. So is life. You get the taste of life spontaneously. Does it turn in the brain? No. Does it turn in the hips? No. Is it done by the skin and the senses? No. Balance is observed at the third center. The brain only magnifies it.

Actually without the activity of this point, everybody lives in a dungeon. Life means nothing. Then we have a substitute--sensations, drama, trauma, problems, magnitude, mind—we play games. You know why we are a slave to our mind? Because this navel point doesn't balance life. So then we start thinking, why? Why is as high as the sky. There is no answer to that why. It is a fun. It is a blind run. Everybody's life is a blind run.

That infinity, that God, that purity, that power, that pure power is in your navel point. You can't buy it, you can't sell it, and I cannot give it to you. But I give you technological knowledge from which you can initiate it. So it will start working for you. What will that mean? I am not saying there will be no problems. I am not saying there will be no rush. I am not saying there will be no scandals. I am not saying anything but you will be untouched. You can sit like a lotus in the muddy waters and enjoy life. That is the power of the third chakra. It gives you instant, infinite experience of your life. No time can measure it.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan 1991