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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Intuition & the 6th Chakra

Excerpts from a lecture given on March 26, 1991 in Los Angeles, CA

Intuition is the outcome of the sixth chakra. And intuition is the source of happiness. Intuition is the personal reality to which your personality has to adjust. The natural beauty that you will like to flow in your life in a normal way will come out of your intuition. It won't come out of your intelligence, because in your intelligence, rarely will you use the neutral mind.

When your ego works, intuition doesn't; when your intuition works, ego doesn't.

Neurosis comes out of ego. Intuition comes out of Id. Intuition comes from simple, human innocence. That is why it is very easy for children to learn, and it is very difficult for adults to learn. Adults have a lot of ego. Children have nothing.

God gave you heart for yourself and God gave you head to understand others' hearts. Life is a matter of heart, not of head. Head is given to understand others' feelings so you may not end up hurting anybody. Head is given to you to think of others as you, so you may not damage anybody. Head is given to you to keep the upkeep of others so that you may not break anybody's heart. You may remember your duties, your promises, your goodwill. That is why head was given.

Head was not given to live. Heart was given to live. And just see by nature how blood from the heart pumps and keeps the brain alive. You can be brain dead and still live but you cannot be heart dead and live. The majority of you are heart dead and you are brain phony. You take your heart to head and tell everybody you love them. You have a lot of words. You play a lot because you are phony to others. You become PhD in being phony to others. You start becoming PhD phony to you. That is where life gets lost.

It is absolutely dreadful to be wrong to others, because each time we create a habit and then we become so insensitive, so naive that we become totally negative to ourself.

A couple years ago I was at Berkeley University. There was a great student there. He got so mad that I didn't pay him attention that he became abusive to me publicly. So everybody felt very bad. I told them, "Just ignore it, don't worry."

Next day he caught me. He said, "Before you tell me anything I want a question and then give me answer."

I said, "Sure, you are my student, I have to give you answer. That is my job."

"I was mad at you, I was abusive. You didn't say a word."

I said, "Nothing. You were not abusive to me. You didn't do anything. Why should I say anything?"

"You have no feelings?"

"I have got a lot of feelings."

"But didn't you feel hurt?"

I said, "I felt very hurt."

"Why didn't you tell me anything?"

I said, "Why should I tell you anything? You were doing damage to yourself. I was sorry for you."

"You are my teacher."

I said, "I am your reflection. I do not mean anything in your life. I reflect like a mirror your own ego to yourself. You didn't get mad at me. You were mad at yourself. You lost your self-control, you lost your self-respect, you lost your self-identity and unfortunately you lost your power to succeed and be excellent. You didn't abuse me." I said, "Nobody abuses me. They abuse the teacher within first, then they abuse the teacher outside."

"I did so much wrong. You don't feel offended?"

I said, "What for? Son, I never gave you your destiny. I gave you your identity. I gave you face and grace so that you can walk to your identity and destiny. I will not walk for you. You have to walk for yourself."

Why do we people, humans, made of God, get mad at each other? What for? What is there to be mad at anybody? Because you must understand that before getting mad at somebody, you have to be mad at yourself. Before lying to somebody, you have to lie to yourself. Before breaking somebody's heart, you have to have no heart at all. This you do and you cannot have this realization because you do not have the Agia Chakra, the Ajna, the sixth center open.

All human mistakes are when the computer in the sixth center goes berserk. Otherwise I have yet to meet one human being who wants to be wrong, not one. I have not come across one human being, one woman, one man, one child, one old person, who wants to be wrong, but I have seen hundreds and thousands and millions of people who are wrong.

That is the beauty that we have to work through in these few classes—some practical things to get rid of our inner garbage, to clean out our sixth chakra, put it through the car wash and put some wax on it so it can shine again. The pineal has a clockwise and anticlockwise radiation. That is all that little stone does. It sends out the radiation. If the pituitary cannot accept the signal, your life will be a mess.

When you are born, your hairs are very little on your head. Sometimes you are born with bald head. When you grow, your hair grows up, and you want to get rid of them. When you get old you want to stitch hair on your head, when you don't like not having hair and they are gone.

Everything has a time, has a system and that system is so beautiful, except humans. Human body has a system, human mind has a system, even soul has a system, but only the human ego has no system. And it has never accepted it. That is why the word Guru came, which takes from darkness to light—because it is an alter ego. Guru is nothing but a positive alter ego which reminds a man not to be blind by your own ego. Alter ego talks to ego. Intuition talks to self and ecstasy experiences the God.

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