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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: The Nature of the Electromagnetic Field

Excerpts from a lecture given on January 1, 1970

Man who controls his breathing to eight breaths a minute will end up as a very sober, calm, quiet, peaceful, graceful man. And this truth, this Sat Nam, can be practiced by those fortunate ones who feel that this period of time has been given to travel on the planet Earth on a specific orbit and to liberate themselves. Those people will pick up the vibrations of that beautiful, controlled breathing and on each exhale and inhale they will be seen chanting Sat Nam; the truth, the reality, the Creator.

The circumvent force is sort of an aura—a circle around the body—which is a most powerful force that protects you from all negative forces. Those people who are humble, affectionate, and serviceful, and who breathe the divine force, make their mind concentrate on the breath, and pray to the universal spirit by tuning into it—their own magnetic field becomes strong. Electric power gets charged because of their life force, and their circumvent force becomes so strong that it can keep away all negative forces and they can change the destiny of the others.

This secret has been told through the ages. Many times this truth has been told to the man and every time he has forgotten this truth. This truth man has to learn and after learning it, he has to practice. Truth is the guiding factor of the man. The vibrations which are based on the truthful man, can change anything, and where his vibratory effects are caused, everything becomes truth, pure, and transparent.

You might have heard an expression, Devata, which means transparent man. That does not mean that you can see through him, he is a man of glass. It means that the behavior of that man is so clean, so clear, and there is no crookedness in that man, and you can see through his talk—absolutely the truth can be known to you.

In other words, the people who speak the language of the heart, the most affectionate language, represent God, truth, and they are divine. Those crooked people who are clever, diplomatically talk a language in which they mean to grab other people. They end up themselves as very miserable and painful people, and thus suffer in life. The very freedom, the liberation of a man is the liberation from negative forces.

So those people who have a very strong circumvent force do not have any chance to get any type of negative forces into their body field. In their aura they remain happy, healthy and holy, thus ending up people who believe and practice truth, Sat Nam, and who meditate on the breath when inhaling Sat and exhaling Nam.

The Details

The life force creates the electric charge and the electric charge creates the magnetic field. Pranas carry the creative force and the electric force. Pranic energy is the main energy and the electric energy is the sister energy or the assistant energy. The magnetic field and all these three forces create the circumvent force. The circumvent force which protects the human body as a unit from negative forces is always in relationship to that of the life force.

The moment the pranic energy will be there, the voltage of the electric energy will be all right. If the voltage is very low, the light is very dim. Everything is tuned up by the circumvent force; that is the controlling force. But you see weak people? The voltage is low, that's all. The circumvent force is not strong so the negative forces can pierce into that unit and rob him of his energy.

Impacts on Sleep

Those who sleep North/South—where their magnetic field and the magnetic field of the Earth become one—they become zero and they lose all initiative in this world. Those who sleep North/South, their magnetic field cannot have the pressure of the Earth’s magnetic field, and they lose the creativity of their own magnetic field altogether. Sometimes their electricity—which is the human functionary system—discharges and their nerves become most weak. That is why man has always been advised to sleep East/West or West/East, if East/West is not possible.

The Theory of the Hair

The electricity in our body is a natural gift and outcome and a co-current of the life force. It makes our nerves work. It's a great powerful force and it explains the theory of the hair. Hairs have been provided where the magnetic field creates the electric center. Hairs are bad conductors of heat and electricity and thus these centers are protected from universal electricity so that the human electricity, which is low in voltage, doesn’t lose its functional capacity. That is why these hairs, as protected aerials, have been provided by nature.

The 7 Wave Sat Nam Meditation

To build the electric charge, you have to build the life force. To build the life force you have to open up your solar center and solar plexus and to build that you have to meditate and chant in the law of seven or the law of tides.

Under the law of tides, the law of seven—when you give all the length and power to Sat and then a little to end up on Nam—such a person not only builds up his entire magnetic field, electric charge, life force, and circumvent force, but he becomes a unit who can liberate others—not only with touch, thinking, mental projection—but where his step shall be, there truth shall be. Wherever his eyes will fall, that person will be liberated. Where he will live, dwell, think, talk, it will be truth and whosoever shall come into his contact will end up to be truth.

This is the grace of those who have realized the secret of Sat Nam—the creative truthful energy, the cause of all causes. People call him God, the one Creator who has created the Universe who is a reality; who is a truth unchanging; who was, is and shall be. Those who tune into Him, in return they are also tuned into, and this union is the yoga of awareness. People call it Kundalini Yoga.

This secret I tell you and this has been told many times through the ages. Those who will practice this, shall always stand liberated. Sat Nam.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan