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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: The Divine Protective Shield

Excerpts from a lecture given at UCLA on September 20, 1971 in Los Angeles, CA

You have this thing, we call it circumvent force. In all these lectures, this word will come again and again: circumvent force, or we call it the divine protective shield.

Any psychic who can read the aura of a person knows it's like an arc around the person. And the amount it glitters is the strength of the person. Sometimes psychics say, “Oh, you are sick at that area.” They are not God. They can tell you. They feel that at that area, the arc is thinner than other areas.

They say, “Well, this is the weakness. This guy is weak here,” They are not medical professional people. They just read it. They can read you more than you can read yourself because they can read an aura—that halo of light. It tells them what color you are projecting and that is where your mind is.

How difficult is it to read you? You are just an open book before them. They look at you, they see you, and they say, "Hey, you are sad." "No, no, I am all right." "You know you are sad because I see the muddy green color coming out of your personality. It can't be anything other than sadness.” Your entire outgoing makeup can't hide that. Because you can't change color in your aura, it is beyond you. He has got that power to go through it and he can read it.

This is the circumvent force. All the prayers, all the mantras you chant, all the good words you speak, all the good thoughts you have—they build up only one thing around you, and that is your circumvent force. All negativity, all bad thoughts, all bad utterances from you weaken it. You have to understand the whole eastern philosophy and the science of the soul in total scientific terms.

When we vibrate, we are creating that circumvent force, which creates everything around us. Lots of friends, lots of good people, lots of beautiful people, lots of effectiveness, lots of power, lots of control—it comes from where? It is the vibration which comes out of your circumvent force.

Lots of good health, lots of capacity to work, lots of endurance, lots of courage—it comes from where? It is that circumvent force; it is around you. That is what does not allow any negative force to enter you, and when the negative force does not enter you, you cannot be unhealthy, unhappy, unholy.

What is a prayer? Prayer is a telephone on a direct hotline to the universal energy, that's all. Mutter certain words as you dial the telephone and you float into that universal cosmos. And then your prayer is answered. It is not a miracle. It is a simple phenomenon, but if you do not have the energy behind your muttering, the one-pointedness of the mind, then everything is hanging. If the current does not flow, there will be no light.

One-pointedness of the mind can create everything and anything. Pure and simple.

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