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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: The Aura & Circumvent Force

Excerpts from a lecture given at a Teacher’s Intensive on September 15, 1971 in Santa Cruz, CA

The circumvent force has a current like a light, which goes through your whole body in an oval shape. Your vibration—whatever you say, create, think—is what we call a protective shield or circumvent force. When that becomes weak in a man, he is trapped by negative forces. He becomes physically sick, mentally insane, spiritually defunct. In this Universe there are positive forces and there are negative forces, and your own vibrations feed the circumvent force. This is very important to understand. Your own vibration feeds the circumvent force, and the weaker it is, the weaker the vibration you relate to.

The law of soul is that your vibration has to become one with everyone. You have to have no reservation. You have to have no politics. You have to have no attachment. You have to flow. Only then, when you learn flowing and floating, can you flow and float in the cosmic consciousness.

Everybody vibrates and these vibrations interchange and communicate better than what you communicate through the tongue. Whatever your mental thoughts are, that is your aura and that is the color of your aura. Your aura is determined by what you vibrate. There is a constant color that your circumvent force is. We call it the protective shield and what the protective shield is, that is what your life is.

Whatever you utter is a sound current. It remains in this atmosphere to Infinity, and it always cycles around to you because you have created it. Therefore, vibrate the name of God; everything will come to you. How will it come to you? Those vibrations will change the color of your aura; constant change in the color of your aura will change the power of the circumvent force. The power of the circumvent force will protect and shield; it will attract God consciousness and Mother Nature will serve you. You will have all you need.

There are two ways. For those who hark the name of God, God has the responsibility to serve them, and He serves them through Mother Nature. For those who do not hark the name of God, they have to hassle to serve themselves.

The circumvent force can be straightened out by concentrating on you as a part of the Universe and meditating on the Holy Nam. It can straighten out any pit in your life. It can plug any deficiency. It is the highest, powerful method a man has ever developed or known.

Think of a man like an oval. And there are different colors around it. The aura rejects and reflects out at different times in different colors. And he has a ring around him and that ring is very white. We call it a silver lining, and it determines how strong this man is.

That's why it is very difficult for you to hide anything from me. What you are saying to me doesn't mean anything to me. You are just going 'gya gya gya.' I can see all that film of color coming out of you, I don't bother. When it is dirty green, I know you are nonsense; there is no use even discussing with you.

I know if a person comes to me with all love and a filled heart, I love to look at him. I want my aura to share with his aura; I feel. I know when a person is dark red, red on the blackish side, all I want is for my secretary to get up and turn him out, because it's nothing but jealousy; it's filled with his negative ego and it's nothing but living in his animal nature.

Man can hide his words. He can use polished language. He can hide his real personality behind his upfront or projected personality. You always have two personalities. One is your real personality, the other is your projected personality. You are always known by your projected personality.

Every one of you wants his real personality to be hidden. But your aura always represents your original personality. So the difference between your original personality and your projected personality can immediately tell a person where your head is at. It's not difficult. It can be very clearly understood and known.

Path of God or path of spirituality has three stages. First is surrender; that is the first stage. Second is practice and third is fulfillment. First you surrender, then you practice and then you get fulfilled and you will start dealing. In fulfillment there are two paths open to you, two clear channels you can adopt. One is to follow your ego, the other is to surrender at that stage also.

If you follow your ego, you will fall back to where you started; that time has been a total waste, it has no value. You have done nothing. But if you surrender to God consciousness at that stage, then you have gone beyond time and space; nothing can affect you.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan