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January 2013 Kundaliving: Healthy, Happy, Holy

In January of 2013, 3HO celebrates its 44th birthday. In honor of this anniversary, 3HO’s theme for the month is Healthy, Happy and Holy.

Yogi Bhajan brought the secret science of Kundalini Yoga to the West. He foresaw the change of Ages that was about to happen. He selflessly shared these teachings with anyone who to came to his classes. Each person was given a chance to open themselves to their full human potential. To make the body strong and be healthy. To balance the mind and be happy. To express the spirit and be holy.

When you take a deep breath and look inside, how would you evaluate your own health? Your own happiness? Your own connection to Spirit – holiness? Do you have the time to cultivate these aspects of your life? Do the choices you make support your own intention to be healthy, happy and holy?

It is so hard in the world today. On the one hand, everyone is proclaiming that they have what it takes to help you be “healthy and happy.” But on the other hand, there are so many things that can stand in your way. There are pressures of time, money, peer groups, and career. So many people want something from you. You have to create the time to give something to yourself.

Being healthy, happy and holy is something you find in you. It starts with you. This month, 3HO is delighted to share these tools with you – so that you can nurture your own ability to be healthy, happy and holy.


January Kundaliving: Healthy, Happy and Holy:

The Healthy, Happy, Holy Lifestyle

Meditation: Healthy, Happy, Holy Breath

Yogi Bhajan Study Quotes: Healthy, Happy and Holy 

Yogi Bhajan Video: Living a Life of Caliber and Excellence--the 3HO Way & Longevity Kriya

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