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3HO Germany’s Active, Organized, and Growing Community

By Panch Nishan Kaur Khalsa, New Mexico

I spent a month in March with our 3HO communities in Hamburg and Gottingen. They are highly organized and have much to share with our global community.

3HO Germany organizes Kundalini Yoga teachers, specialty trainings, a national Kundalini Yoga Festival, White Tantric Yoga®, and much more!


3HO Offices in Hamburg - Karta Purkh Singh CEO of 3HO Germany, Panch Nishan Kaur 3HO International Community Relations, Siri Kartar Kaur 3HO European Yoga Festival Event Organizer



White Tantric Yoga Hamburg 2011


It has the largest teacher’s associations totaling 1500 – 1800 members, and when I asked why so many people join,the top reasons were because of the experience of 3HO as a family, and because teachers love teaching Kundalini Yoga.  3HO Germany is organized into workgroups as a way to create community, local and regional support, and as a way of actualizing projects together.  While the board of 3HO Germany has representation from teachers all over the country, the National office for 3HO Germany operates from Hamburg.


Simran Kaur and Panch Nishan Kaur with Kundalini Yoga Teachers and Students in the Center Yoga Hoheluft for a post White Tantric Yoga feedback session.



Nanak Niwas Community Center with 3HO Offices, Yoga Center and Gurdwara hosts langar the day after White Tantric Yoga



Guru Basant - A great musician and founder of yoga product business Sat Nam Versand



Seva Kaur and Fathe Singh at Shunia Yoga Center



Dhyan Tada - 3HO Germany board member & insturmental in specialty trainings


The specialty trainings organized by 3HO Germany are particularly interesting as they are great vehicles for promoting Kundalini Yoga to a broader audience. Currently, specialty trainings have been created for Pregnancy Yoga and Kids Yoga, which are both very successful programs.


Dhyan Tada's Women's Class in Gottingen


There are workgroups putting together new specialty trainings for teaching to the elderly and for yoga therapy. This serves as a way to link the teachings of Kundalini Yoga with professionals such as midwifes, school teachers, and the health industry. 3HO Germany is working together with the Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine and Humanology in New Mexico in order to develop programs to train teachers in working with nurses, doctors, psychologists, naturopaths, and more. And the specialty trainings serve Kundalini Yoga students with more in-depth training that


Ra Ma Da Sa Healing Meditation for Japan in Gottingen Germany


often serves as bridge into Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. These trainings have great impact because 3HO Germany is so well networked and organized. Specialty Trainings – a good idea!

Atma Singh, A Kundalini Yoga teacher in Gottingen, is about to open the first Kundalini Yoga Center in that city.


Gottingen Germany - area where first Kundalini Yoga Center will be opening this month!


While a few teachers have been teaching there including at a large university, opening a Yoga Center will further help build and connect community.During my visit a preparation meeting for specialty training in teaching the elderly took place  in Gottingen where people traveled from all over Germany to attend.

Each 3HO community around the world has unique gifts from their culture accentuating and further illuminating the experience of community.  The 3HO Germany community is very efficient, clear, helpful, thoughtful, and organized. It was a blessing to be with our family there.

Panch Nishan Kaur travels extensively visiting 3HO communities all over the world. She covers International Community Relations for 3HO International.