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Gifts from 3HO

3HO is an amazing global community! Everyone everywhere has an opportunity to excel in body, mind and spirit. With this in mind, we want to share some gifts that we hope will support your Healthy Happy Holy lifestyle. Thank you for all the ways that you work to uplift the planet.

Beads of Truth 1971

This is a scan of one of the earliest issues of Beads of Truth. Please enjoy the fun artwork, recipes and I-Ching reading.

Aquarian Sadhana Chants by Sirgun Kaur

This is a live recording of Sirgun Kaur from Pheonix playing the Aquarian Sadhana Chants at Winter Solstice in 2013.

Chapter from the new book - The Essential Element

Jot Singh offers a chapter from his new book The Essential Element. Get inspired to do Sadhana! Thank you Jot Singh.

Indra Nittri Meditation

Enjoy this mantra track by Ravi Kaur and Sat Nirmal Kaur. The accompanying meditation will bring you great intuition, and anything you say or think of will be amplified.

What is Kundalini Yoga Handout

Here's a wonderful summary of Kundalini Yoga that you can share with new students, or anyone who expresses an interest. Thank you Gurumeet Kaur for putting this together!

Catalyst Yogi Solstice Video Class

Enjoy this Summer Solstice Class taught by Catalyst Yogi: Be You: The Journey Back to Your Original Self.


Thank you Satkirin Kaur for this uplifting mantra track! You can meet Satkirin at Winter Solstice Sadhana in Florida next month.

Vegetarian Holiday Recipes

The 3HO Lifestyle is a vegetarian one. Sometimes vegetarians have a hard time eating during the Holidays. Guruka Kaur and Ravi Kaur provide some support in making your Holiday meals awesome! Download the PDF of Guruka Kaur's recipes.

Eight Week Curriculum on Prayer

A gift for teachers: 8 week Kundalini Yoga curriculum on Prayer with Kriyas, Meditations, and Yogi Bhajan Quotes.

Sacred Medley Chant MP3

Thank you Dev Suroop Kaur for donating this lively track to the global Healthy Happy Holy Community!