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Summer Solstice Shines the Soul

By GuruMeher Singh

I've been making the trip to Ram Das Puri for Solstice since 1980. I keep coming back to refresh that bright shiny feeling of my Soul. We gather to collectively remember who we really are—living spirits with all the qualities that were once only ascribed to God-out-there. To feel and share that joy with others who recognize it at the same time—that's what we all come for. 

I was talking to a student yesterday who said she was intimidated to come to Solstice for her first time. She had heard stories of challenges others have had. I reminded her that each yoga class she attends contains some challenges, and yet she keeps coming back. Why? For that great feeling she gets: peace, clarity, expansive vision and joy. 

Yogi Bhajan created every detail of the Solstice experience just like a kriya or a White Tantric workshop--to take us where we want to go! Unlike many situations life brings, Kundalini Yoga events contain challenges skillfully crafted to be uplifting. From them we find the power within and learn that we can handle all the challenges life brings. 

This is how I understand the life-changing impact of Solstice. But then, maybe it's just the spectacular views and mountain air, the yogi tea and cozy conversations, the music and the early morning meditation. Certainly it's because we spend a week together focusing on spirit in a supportive and loving environment. 

See you under the blue skies of New Mexico. 

Blessings, GuruMeher

 GuruMeher Singhis teaching Stages of Self-Esteem: Pride, Power, and Projection at Summer Solstice 2012 on Saturday June16th, 7:00am - 8:15am. GuruMeher, meaning "compassionate teacher," has taught Kundalini Yoga and trained and mentored teachers for 32 years. Using yoga as a life coach to heal and elevate others, he discovered Senses of the Soul, the meditative use of emotions for self-guidance, inner-strength and spiritual well-being. He offers training, workshops, group and private coaching.

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