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Prayer for Peace

By Yogi Bhajan, October 27, 1986.

"Prince of Peace and Lord of Prosperity,

You are the One God of all reality.

I salute Thee. I bow to Thee. To Thee I pray.

I'll worship Thee eternally, if I may.

Bless each one and bless everyone.

Bring peace of mind to all under the sun.

Peace is my prayer, peace is my song.

Guide humanity so we may not go wrong.

Give us a place at Thy lotus feet,

So we all may experience this blissful treat.

To you, Oh Lord my God I pray.

Help us, save us all, I beg to say.

We are Thy creation. We are Thy love.

Teach us the lesson as You taught the peaceful dove.

Give us today and give us tomorrow.

Show us the path and dissolve our sorrows.

I reach to Thee. Thou are reality.

Bless the whole human race with peace and prosperity."


Copyright The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan 10-27-86