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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Summer Solstice 1999

Excerpts from a lecture given on 6/24/99 at Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration in New Mexico

Live with Consciousness

This life is very painful. You can't get out of it. And when you just have a doubt—Param they call it, may I, may I not—some people say don't doubt.

I don't agree with that, because the shashara releases a thousand thoughts per wink of an eye. Thoughts will come out, a thousand thoughts per wink of an eye, and if your Id can catch it, then your ego has to process it, and when your ego process it, then the ego will say; 'May I, may I not, should I, should I not, am I, am I not, is it, is it not?'

Then you will see two sides of the coin and that's natural. At that moment, if you do not have knowledge, then you cannot have consciousness. You have to know by your heart where you want to go.

Knowledge, courage and grit—that makes consciousness. Consciousness is not “I am awake and somebody is Supreme consciousness.” No, that doesn't work. Consciousness means you know where you are at and where you want to go, and for that you have the courage, you have the grit, and you have the power to do it.

If you know the truth and you do not have the courage to face it, you live worse than an earth snail. You can't live that life, it's very painful.

There is a tremendous amount of pain in life, but pain doesn't mean anything for those who are doing the karam. Karam means action. The difference between dharam and karam is that karam is the action which has a reaction. Dharam is the action with a reaction that totally, decidedly goes to the object of destination.

Dharmic Life

So the man who is living a Dharmic life does not have pain. When you take Aspirin the pain is there, but you don't feel it. I am not saying life is going to be greater than what you think it is. But once you don't feel it, what does it mean to you? Nothing. You understand? Once you have an ecstasy of that feeling, that bliss, Anand, the mission that ‘I am I am’ and this is what me is, then duality doesn't bother you.

Then people do not bother you; slander doesn't bother you; poverty and richness doesn't bother you. You know poverty is a very painful way to live, but people who are rich are in more pain than people who are poor. Poor has one object. Poor has objectivity: “I am poor. I should become rich.” Rich has a problem what to do next.

To be rich without a purpose and to be poor without power—poor is very powerful; he doesn't care. He can do anything he wants. Richness is very confining. Happiness does not lie in how rich or poor you are, how healthy or unhealthy you are, how honest or dishonest you are. Everything is a comparative study. If you can overlap your personality, your ego, your need, your anything, whatever you have, and you can give something to somebody beyond you, that's the first time you have earned the right to be happy.

Beause my job is very simple. You have a promised soul and it must find its way to its destiny. If it doesn’t, it is your loss, it is my loss, it's our loss.

Serving All

I know some of you are very commotional. Some of you find it very hard to even cover your head. Because the attitude of a man is hide and hunt. You want to look common. You do not want to stand out and say, “I may be the sickest person on the Earth but I shall take care of you.” You do not know the honor and the gratitude and the grit of a soldier who has three bullets in his body but he still picks up the comrade and takes him to the first aid.

I ask God, “Give me the highest excellence in my spirit so that I can wish, do, and practice good for others.”

Your life has one question only. Can you do some good for others without expecting a return? If you ever expect a return then there is no difference between you and a businessman, and any relationship which is based on a business tendency then has bad and good, loss and gain in it. It shall be decided on business ethics.

Spirit is not for sale and spirituality cannot be done like a business. So the business in spirituality is, give so that God may feel obligated to give you. That is spirituality. And give to whom? Whosoever is needy. Don't feel, “I am holier than Thou,” and don't feel, “I am more humble than Thou.” That is an ego game.

That doesn't fit in the picture of God. Neither you should be great nor small nor  wonderful nor there should be pity for you; because you are made by God. It is a helping moment, it's a reality. You are you and that is what Sat Nam means; your identity is truth, you have a truthful identity.


I have yet to ask you to sit down, investigate and find it out why humans have the longest hair on their skull. Work it out. And why men grow beards. Why is there is a Remington advertisement on every TV show? Have you seen that guy? What is his name? He sells razors, huh? You like it? That guy is everywhere.

(Students laugh)

He tells you that your hair can be totally eliminated for twenty hours and then you have to do it again. But why don't you just become very powerful—it's a most powerful person who can say, “God, listen, I don't want this beard,” and God says, “Okay, granted,” and it will never grow.

Eighty percent of you do not know what to do with the hair on your skull and on your face. If you are bald, you spend six thousand dollars to artificially grow hair. If you have long hair, you spend fifty dollars to chop them off. I do not know what you are doing.

Somewhere I have found that man does not know what to do with the crown of himself. To me, that is the beginning and the end. There are some men who don't grow a beard. They are look for some massage and oils and miracles. But it's a very great pity. The most modern, logical, rational, wonderful, most graceful man who can land on the moon and can understand the space and can fly in and out and who can do wonderful things on this planet, is unable to decide about himself whether he should have hair or not. Why?

Why does God grow hair on your face, folks? Every man who shaves his face has to be mentally impotent. There are people who cannot face what they should face ordinarily. Do you know that many centuries ago if a man was convicted of a thing for which there was a death sentence, he had three choices. One was to shave off his hairs and live like a slave, or he can redeem himself by suicide, or he can pay a coin to the executioner and get his head chopped off. That was the world then. Today everything is considered for convenience. We are so quick and for convenience we bring inconvenience conveniently upon us and that is what the tragedy of life is.

The Path of the Soul

In the sixties there was a revolt. A very constitutional, elementary, evolution came in American society. We asked ourselves, all this wealth is for what? And we took a very courageous stand as young people and we wanted to know, what is consciousness? How can the good of all be done?

I have done my job and my job was to serve you. My job was not to initiate you. None of you has been initiated by me. My job is to tell you where your destiny is. Because the fight between destiny and fate is always there. Fate is when you meet a fatal accident of your soul’s pathway and blow out of orbit, or else you reach it, make it, leave it and redeem yourself here in that blissful stay.

People want somebody to trust. There is one thing on this planet which everybody needs and that is trust. Love and hate, sex and celibacy, high and low, holy and unholy, rich and poor is a game of words. One must trust and one must have something to trust. When trust and courage come together it's called belief; and when belief and grace come together it is called faith. You have never learned that way, I know. Have faith.

There is no reason that you should worry. The only thing which will hurt you is when you worry that you are poor, when you worry you are insecure, when you worry about yourself. The day you start not worrying about yourself and worrying for other people, then you will be rich, prosperous and as happy as you can be.

That is what your basic soul which came in human birth needs to do. It needs to serve others; that's the kind of brand you are. So band up together and finish the job.

When are you Divine? Minus compassion you are not Divine. Plus compassion you are Divine. The moment you are kind and compassionate, you are God. Moment to moment and anytime you are insecure and crazy and worrying, you are devil. That's the simple difference between the two. Because when you worry, when you feel upset, when you feel unhappy, when you are scared, when you are phobic, when you go neurotic, you forget that the Supreme power God is with you. “Ang Sang Wahe Guru” - With my every limb God lives with me.

You know you are ten trillion cells, and each cell has three units: electron, proton, and neutron. So you are thirty trillion dancing Shivas at one moment, and still you are trying to search and find God?

The time has come when you have to go out and touch people’s hearts and take away their pains. You will have hundred fold pleasure given to you by God. Don't look saintly. Go and spread it, serve it, share.

There are many of you who have come here. Many have come for the first time. Why do we come here? We come here for a very, very, very selfish purpose. There is absolutely nothing else than that. We come here to recharge our self.

There are three Gunas, there are five Tattvas, there are seven Chakras. There is one aura and it needs to be balanced in life. We come here for a general aura. I am not saying that when you leave here you will not have doubts. I am not saying that if you take your car for a custom cleaning and polish it won't get dirty when you drive it on the road. I am not promising you anything. I am not saying that when you drive on a freeway, there is no possibility of an accident. I am not asking that any tragedy, any misery, any misfortune goes away from you. All I am asking is that you should have courage to overcome.

There are two ways, folks. One is to live, one is to just pass the time. Make a choice. Those of you who want to just pass time, fine. Bourbon on the rocks and rock on the bourbon. But if you want to live, decide it and then confront it and then win it. Purity of soul must shine through the crystal mind with the clarity of the activity of the body to give you victory unto Infinity. Don't waste this life. Don’t hide away and throw away this life which is the best gift.

Many of you will handle it well. Many of you who have the doubt, just understand that doubt only happens when we in our mind feel the absence of the Infinity of God.

Thank you very much by showing the strength and doing it [the meditation to release the souls of ancestors]. I wish that one day, you will sit on this chair and you will have the eyes to see, and you will all have the most beautiful, wonderful brightness of the light of God which you could produce. You may not look or feel in your own self that you are that wonderful, but it was a wonderful and most beautiful session.

Slowly and gradually mankind will develop the lenses which can re-print the auras. We are just in very beginning stages. But I wish that when it will come to you, you will surprisingly see how beautiful, bright and gracious you look. What you just did today—it takes many, many millions of years for certain souls to find the body, then go through the cycle of coming in and out. They don't have this. Just remember.

When the elevation and the resurrection of the soul into the magnetic consciousness makes the mind crystal like that of a gem quality jewel, one sees God within oneself and without, and that's how it is.

I just wanted to share this energy with you so that you can relax and feel the openness of the Grace of God.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan