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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Summer Solstice 1997

Excerpts from a lecture given on 6/22/97 at Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration, New Mexico

You Have to Be You

The axle of the Earth has changed. It changes every two thousand years. What will it do? Psycho-magnetic energy of the micro and macro will change. Circulatory system of weather and moods will change. Humans will change—not that you are going to change them and they are going to change you, but for everybody, it's a matter of change. For you, it's a matter of headache. People are going to grab you from the neck practically, physically, and say, "Heal me." You may fold your hands and say, 'Bless me, I don't know anything." They will say, "Na, na, na, na. No."


"You look good, you look different, you are radiant, heal me."

What can you say to those people? You may not like it, but this is what is going to happen. All fruits don't ripen; all carbon doesn't become a diamond crystal. Some come, serve, go away; some throw away their life. Some go away in the life, some throw away in the life, some don't value the life. They do not know what the sixth sense is. The sixth sense is that intuition, sensitivity, in which you respect you. Nanak has said in very clear words,

'Aad Puran, Madh Puran, Anth Puran Parameshwara.'

'You are perfect in the beginning, you are perfect in the middle, and you are perfect in the end. And as perfect the God is.'

There is no one holier than the person who has nine holes. So you are all holy. Those who leak in the lower hole will not have a parole until you know how to put the balance together. It's a simple deal; it's not, “I am great,” “I am weak,” “I am sorry,” or “I am not sorry.” This language of yours is a waste of time, it's useless, it doesn't make sense, because you have to be you.

You have to be you in the essential essence of you and essential faith of you, so that you can be trusted.

You have to have characteristics and character that you can be loved. You have to have the point of infinite reserve to serve, so you can always be in the good book of the other man. You have to write your own atonement. Nobody can write it for you.

Look at my history. I came to America and I was slandered left and right: I am a charlatan, I am a womanizer, I am a dog, I am useless, I am an anti-Christ. I don't even want to remember all those things. But I never responded to it, or defended. Because my essence was, I have come, I have to deliver and I have to go. Ball is set. I worked, I earned, I built and very calmly, I handed it over to those to whom it belongs in the future. Because that was the basic idea. I have come here. You are angry with me, who cares? You love me, who cares? Nothing matters, if you do not deliver to the future. One who cannot deliver shall be destroyed. It's a law of equation. It's not my law.

We have created a set of people for this coming age. You have to confront the age and before that you have to confront yourself to become the sage. Anybody who cannot confront himself or herself shall never be wise, no matter if he is religious or if God Himself comes on the Earth to help. Because God is bound by the law of nature. And the law of nature is that you are self in the beginning, you are self in the middle, and you are self in the end.

Sadhana and Spirit

You must confront yourself and confronting oneself at the ambrosial hour when the sun is hitting the Earth at sixty degrees is called meditation—clearing the subconscious. If you don't clear the subconscious, you will have pain the whole day. You will have wrong thoughts the whole day. You will have no communication. It's not useless to be nice. If you are not nice to yourself, how can you be nice to anybody? You have not done your job. You have not looked after yourself. You have not enriched yourself.

Dependency is not the way of our yoga. Mastery is. Logic and reason is not the way of our yoga. Spirit is. Here, a student has to become ten times better than the teacher, period. If a student is not ten times better than the teacher, the teacher is doomed. He taught nothing. He just did a business. The spirit of the individual must be free and must be respected and must be exalted by one's own freewill. If you do not know your freewill, you will never recognize God's will.

One beauty of spirit is that it doesn't feel anything. If spirit started feeling, everybody will commit suicide. It is spirit which lives. And all we have is spirit.

“I am a human and my life score is only one breath.” It comes in, it goes out. If it doesn't, you are gone. Now tell me, why don't you recognize each breath as yourself and recognize its value and its control?

The Mind

People say mind is not this, mind is not that. Anybody who starts doing alternative nostril breathing, mind shall not move. Try it sometime. When you are thinking so much and you are very worried and the mind will go, find where your mind is. It will become non-existent.

Mind is to serve the breath of life, not to master the breath of life. Mind masters your ego, not your breath of life.

Sat Kriya

All those who have done Sat Kriya can never get sick. If you have a car and your gear slips, you are not going to make any distance. If your chakras are not open, you are not going to make any sense. You are just youth. After that your real value will show up and if you don’t have a system to build yourself and project yourself, you are wasting your life.


Beauty is not how much powder you have put on your face and how much lipstick you have and how much makeup you have. When a person talks to you, can you elevate that person? That's the rule of thumb. Your sensitivity, your caliber, your position does not lie in how you look.


When you think any thought, is it narrow-mindedness or is it infinite vastness? You are as great as you are vast. You are as small as you are contracted, and you and God will have no relationship at all. You are condemned from the day you contract yourself. Because God is Infinity. He's Infinite, boundless, everything and all the things.

Truth and Lies

If you cannot forgive yourself, you cannot forgive anybody. If you cannot elevate yourself, you cannot elevate anybody. If you are not truthful to yourself, you are not going to be truthful to anybody. You liars make excuses. You put the most beautiful human body, soul, mind and the journey at jeopardy because you have developed the habit of lying?

What does lie mean? Today you lie, tomorrow you lie. Three months later that will hammer you out. Why lie? And you are not lying to the governor of New Mexico or to your friends. You are lying to your own soul. Because soul has to go and merge back into the one who sent it. It descended; it must ascend to that place. So from the Infinite you came to the finite; from the finite you have to go back to the Infinite.

Happiness is our birthright. Our emotions get stuck with our subconscious and that makes us a foolish character, which is not worthwhile as a human. How many people can you harm? Who cares? Either you can let the thing pass by as humor or you take a hammer. Hammer it out or humor it out, that's all there is.

But remember, those who have to wear a crown on their head must have their neck muscle really strong. Those who want to read the history can read the history; those who want to write the history can write the history; and those who have to make the history must have shoulders to carry the world at large.

The Infinite

You are like babies. “This is a girl, this is a boy.” You never see that we are all human, we are all spiritual, we are all soul. When we greet each other as Khalsa, we say, “Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.” And that means my purity, which is the outcome of my soul, belongs to God, and my victory belongs to God. You hand over yourself on the spot. You have already surrendered to the Infinite.


We are here to get together and I am here right now to thank you, because we have done a very, very, very noble job. This land brings us things and we deliver it. You have delivered it today. You have delivered the souls of your ancestors, but now I'll ask you to join me to deliver your own soul. It will hurt, I know that. You will not like to do that, I know that too. And you wish I would have gone down to the ranch but I have not.

Sound Current

What is the sound current? It's a total science. Why do we chant mantra? It is a science. Because the tongue intercourses with the upper palate and the upper palate and the tongue create the command for the hypothalamus and the thalamus, and everything else in the brain and the gray matter re-vibrates itself.

More Thoughts

I know you have passions. I have passions, too. You have thoughts, I have thoughts, too. Can you match your thoughts—sort them out? And only take the good and leave the wrong? There is a test for it. Whenever a thought comes to you, you ask yourself, will it make me noble or will it make me inferior and take away from me the chance to be exalted? These are questions you should ask.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga was made for a household man, for a married man, for a man with children and problems, to give him the excellence and exoticness against all negativity of the planet. It is not that you have to hold your posture for twenty-two years and wait if your bones are cracked or not. Everything in this is three minutes. Nothing more than that.

White Tantric Yoga®

You are going to do this tantric course. You bet that you will not like it and you will hate it. See what it does to you. It will like you, lick you up. We have to prepare people to enter the Age of Aquarius with a bright and beautiful excellent self.

May God bless you, may this visit be a blessing visit. May your mission in life be complete and may you reach your excellence in the eyes of God and be respected in the eyes of the world. You are destined to be born, to walk a path of spirit which is real and not ritualistic. It's my prayer that you may be brighter, better, beautiful, bountiful, many, many million times than I can imagine, guess, or understand. Because this world has a future and you are the future which has to guarantee that there will be peace in the world. Sat Nam.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Top photo by Gurumustuk Singh