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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Summer Solstice 1992

Excerpts from a lecture given on 6/26/92 at Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration in New Mexico

Nothing is free, you have to have a discipline for everything you want in your life. All people are equal. Nobody is good or bad, it is how you act. Some people can drink wine, left, right, night, day—they are happy with it. There are some people that just the smell of it will freak them out. So you cannot say this is right or that is wrong.

Applied Destiny

Each person has his own manifested destiny. You will never understand anything about your life if you don’t understand this—it doesn't matter who you go to and what you study—you will start from an idiot and end as an idiot. This fundamental thing you must understand. You have your faculties, your facilities, your body, your mind, your soul, your spirit.

You have to decide, in this destiny which is already a prefixed destiny, how you are going to make it an applied destiny. Nobody teaches that, I know. They all tell you, “This is your destiny, go on it.” Yeah, you can go on your destiny and go through the hell of it or the heaven of it, whatever.

Destiny is samskaras that you have earned, but destiny is not applied destiny. Elementary destiny is samskaras you earned in the previous life through certain actions. You are born on a certain longitude and latitude. You are given x amount of parents, x amount of facilities, x amount of the body, all that you are born with—that's your elementary destiny. It's called natal chart.

I am not teaching a yoga class; I am teaching you the secret of total success where you can never fail as a human being, it doesn't matter who you are. Man is not born to fail; man is not born to be unhappy. You are born by the will of the perfect God. You have the destiny of the perfect God. You must merge into the perfect God.

You are master of your destiny but which one? Elementary? That is useless. Your applied destiny is what will determine how happy, unhappy, great, ungreat you are. And a person who calls himself spiritual must be above action and reaction, it doesn’t matter which religion he belongs to. He must have a spring of strength in his life and in his self so that he can resurrect, he can excel.

This is the law of creativity: obey, serve, love, excel. I can't change it. I practiced it. This is the oath they gave us in Kundalini Yoga when I started. I am not a woman, I am not a man, I am not a person, I am not myself, I am a teacher—what's left?

This is a boring subject for you, destiny. Destiny is the start of the distance where you have to land. The start is determined by the previous karma, samskaras. That's why somebody was born in Minneapolis, and another was born in Seattle. Somebody had a very rich father, somebody had a very poor father, somebody has the right wife, somebody has the wrong wife, somebody is left, somebody is right. All you have in your natal chart is your destiny. That comes from samsakaras, actions and reactions and the net composition of the previous life.

The elementary destiny is for the action and reaction to be paid; the creative destiny is to excel in the applied elementary situation, and, if it comes to applied destiny, that gives you absolute resurrection over everything. If you fly a plane, you don't need a road, you need an airport to start and an airport to land. It is your choice how you want to live your life.

80/20 Percent of You

If I say, “God rotates the Earth, God shall take care of the routine,” it doesn't fit with you. You are not mentally trained that way. You don't trust or believe that God is an active identity. Your totality is ten percent. Eighty percent is the unknown, and the idea of Kundalini Yoga is to switch eighty percent in your favor. And the tragedy of that eighty percent is, it moves as one block. There is no thirty percent, forty percent, sixty percent out of the eighty percent. Either it is eighty percent or zero.

If you do everything perfect, it is ten percent. If all the good luck and the environments are in your favor, the wind is behind you, that's another ten percent. That’s twenty percent. If you are eighty percent blocked, what chance  have you?

This eighty percent is eighty percent. That's why we get up in the morning, we meditate, we praise the Lord. It's our sophisticated human version of tapping into that eighty percent. So every morning when you do not get up and do your Sadhana, you take a chance. It doesn't matter how beautiful you are, how knowledgeable you are, how many powers you've got, how great you are. It is a question to start your day with the eighty percent or without the eighty percent. Twenty percent versus eighty percent is called destiny.

If you obey all the rules of this Earth, and you have the whole knowledge of this Earth, you are still useless if eighty percent is not with you. And if you do not tap your eighty percent, anything else you tap is a load, it's a drag. What am I saying? Why is it true? Because you know a lot, you are ten trillion cells that change every seventy-two hours.

In the Age of Aquarius, this basic elementary knowledge must be practiced by all mankind. I am telling you the rules of the road, the law of the destiny. If your applied destiny is within your own control, you will make the journey safe and square, and all needs shall be done and fulfilled; all things taken care of. If that is not possible, you are competing, comparing and you are confused. You are insecure and you are depressed and you are loved and hated and understood and rejected. The pair of the opposites will affect you, nothing can save that.


Your relationship, your understanding, your values, your virtues, how you smell, how you look, all that is nothing but the fourth Chakra, the matter of the heart which gives you the art to win and the science to realize.

How you can come through, whether you are a bitch or you are an itch, it all depends on the balance of your third Chakra, the navel point—all in one unisonness—which is your primal energy.

What you can do and what you can't do, what can be done, what cannot be done, how it happened, why it happened, who did it, why did you do it, why you could not do it, why you wanted to do it, what is done—it's all second Chakra.

What you got away, how you saved yourself, what happened to you, it was a hairsbreadth safety—it is all first Chakra.

Things are done for you, your presence works, nobody objects to it. It is your eighth Chakra, called 'Aura,' the balance of your ten bodies—mental, spiritual, and all others.

Breath of Life

You have to understand your basic strength of life: the power to prevail is in the breath of your life. On average you breathe fifteen breaths a minute. In certain abnormal over-activity situations you can breathe up to twenty-six breaths a minute. Or in self-controlled, disciplined way you can breathe one breath a minute. Whenever you breathe consciously five breaths a minute, you can move the psyche as you desire.


Over the last 1.5 years we have given Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, Tershula Kriya and Kriyas which we never gave before for individuals to practice so that they can improve their life by their own right. Sodarshan Chakra Kriya opens up all the Chakras, you don't have to go to anybody. Tershula gives you all three gunas in balance, therefore it takes care of all things. Sa-ta-na-ma gives you the five elements at your command—you know that one very well, that's what we started with.

There are over eleven hundred Kriyas and the time has come when you should pull your own notes, make your own study. You can mostly heal yourself and it's not a bad idea to do it.

There is no substitute for victory, you must win. It doesn't matter who you are, where you are, what you are. You must win. Winning is the required life.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan