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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Summer Solstice 1981

Excerpts from a lecture given on 6/21/81 at Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration in New Mexico

What I am asking you is, you are all here—try to meet each other, try to know each other, try to shake hands with each other. Don't get into ego—“I want to expand myself like a balloon and blow up.” Don't do that. That's not the way to survive in the eighties.

There is a hard time of the eighties, but we are on the way to becoming more intuitive, more affective, more productive, and we'll be holding a lot of more responsibility than we would normally. We'll have a lot of pressures and a lot of misunderstanding in our communication which is very normal human growth. But in all this time we have come to be very solid; we are becoming more and more solid—firm in our commitment, in our convictions and in our growth. What I am asking is, the requirement of all of us is, that we have to be who we are—I am, I am.

Eliminate Fear and Guilt

And we have to eliminate fear and guilt. These are two terrible things. These are mental diseases, fear and guilt. You can live with them and you can mess around all your life and never be happy. These are the two legs, fear and guilt with which you walk, called insecurity. And when Guru said, “Nirbhao nirvair,” it means you have to be fearless and you should not have any vengeance. You should be loving. You all say, “I love you, I love you.” I agree, you tell me all the time, "I love you, I love you."

But I know that behind that aura there is a huge traditional anger which creates vengeance, which creates a split, which creates duality, which creates a lot of things. The only way to treat it is with patience. There is no such thing as a miracle where I can say, “Gili, gili, gili, go” and your anger will go.

It is a tragedy that the children are grown up but your emotions are not grown up. Your intellect and intelligence has not grown up to give them security.

I understand that sometimes we do certain things which look weird and we feel guilty, but basically we are maturing meditatively to progress, and progress is happening. We have better minds, we have a better projection, we have better auras and we are well equipped now to take the training into a higher level of consciousness—a higher level of the ethers.


This beautiful thing, which we can do at the Summer Solstice or Winter Solstice time is more unique than anything else. I understand that you have traveled a long distance and you have come from all around the world. You are an international family. We don't let you sit in one place, we keep you moving so you may not become stagnant and may not feel bad about yourself.

I can realize the greatness of God. I can feel it, I can understand it, I can touch it because I have gone through suffering and pain and held my head towards God with the grace of the Guru. That's called great. Great is not, “I am great, therefore I fall apart.” That's not great. A car which you drive to Ram Das Puri and it goes, “Pooh, pooh, pooh” and falls apart—you can't call that car great. You can't call anything great which falls apart. That is not the secret of greatness. The secret of greatness is that when everything falls apart, you stay great.

My point is that money, possessions, and things do not decide greatness. Greatness is not what you feel, greatness is not what you are, greatness is not what you have. Greatness is not what you achieve, greatness is not what you could not achieve, greatness is that you are great. Nothing can break you, therefore you are great.

That is the Khalsa spirit, Cherdi Kala. Cherdi Kala means, “I am always rising, I am always climbing, I am always up, I am always great.”

You have to understand that basic strength of you, the nucleus of you. Otherwise, if you talk of richness, there are people who are rich to the point they do not know what to do with their richness, but they are not great. You may be beautiful but you may not be great. You may be very strong like Hercules but you may not be great.

The greatest man is he who is dedicated, undivided and without any split moment—he knows what to do. He is dedicated towards Infinity because great is Infinity and Infinity is God. If you give up your ego, you will get Infinity. If you serve your ego, you will never reach Infinity. That means you can never reach God. Because ego is limited, limiting. It limits, it can never make you great.


My idea to reach your very basic heart today is that you have to understand the sensibility and the connection of the sensibility. This was a most powerful Tantric course we did. We created all these beautiful clouds and such a huge magnetic field—total electricity, highest power. My only prayer at that time was, "God, look, this is your temple, I don't want it [a powerful thunderstorm] to start penetrating through. Just get over. Thank you very much, you have been very kind. You have proven your point. I understand it, get out of here now."

But it was fantastic. It was graceful. A lot of people came in spite of the difficulties. Our family is growing. A lot of people are coming and a lot will come. There were little difficulties this time to keep things going; it is a little hard, I understand, but still we rolled in, we did very well. That's great. Coming all the way from New York and coming from Washington state up there; coming from Vancouver; coming from Hong Kong; coming from there is great.

It is great to get together for a spiritual reason, for God, for meditation, for uplifting your consciousness and soul. And that's what is great. We have that feeling, that longing, that urge to know and feel and understand. And this evening the clouds are up there, beautiful. It is not bothering you, it is not upsetting you; it is just cooling you, but it is not wetting you, it is not flooding you, it is great.

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