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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Give One Minute to Peace

Excerpts from a lecture on 6/10/89

Mankind has to drop the war tendencies and come to realize that peace is the only way. We have to give peace a chance and that's all for us.

In your day, give one minute to peace. Sit down and just relax, feel peaceful inside and give a prayer to honor those who work for peace and for the tranquility of all mankind. Let us honor ourselves. Let us recognize our inner peace. Meditate in your own way. Get into any posture you want and pray deeply for your inner peace and for the entire mankind.

Bring in tranquility and tranquilize yourself through self-hypnosis in your tranquility, in your steadfastness, and in your love for entire mankind. We need the deepest prayer, concentration and strength of the inner mind for universal peace so that mankind can live.

Give Mother Earth the chance to be in peace. Give mankind the chance to live. Give children of the future a chance to enjoy the faculty that the Creator has created for us.

At this time your mental projection in peace can change the warring minds. Peace has a price—the head and heart of all of us. Let us pray.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan