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Mental Health Tune-Up with Emily White of SuperHealth

Virtual Venue P.O. Box 1560, Santa Cruz

Maintaining good mental health is an essential foundation for our wellbeing and quality of life. Mental health symptoms naturally decrease with regular practice of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. Life becomes more manageable and you are free to do what you came here to do. All levels of experience welcome. Tune in + tune up! Practice specific yogic technologies to: ➢ Remove layers of deep-seated stress and fatigue ➢ Clear traumas from your life and those inherited from previous generations/incarnations ➢ Ease anxiety ➢ Move through depression ➢ Heal addictive behaviors and compulsions ➢ Regulate the nervous system ➢ Naturally renew your own...

Good Vibrations with Spirit Rising Yoga

Virtual Venue P.O. Box 1560, Santa Cruz

Join Shiva Singh for a Kundalini Yoga Class from Spirit Rising Yoga in Chicago, Illinois. Set yourself for the week with a Kundalini Yoga re-set. Raise your vibration with a powerful yoga set and meditation to recharge your energy. Followed by a deep release with gong relaxation. Register HERE to join Shiva Singh's space in Sutra for his free Classes. All are Welcome!