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Featured Featured Event Series Self Love with Sat Siri

40 Day Meditation for Self Love

Virtual Venue P.O. Box 1560, Santa Cruz

Join Sat Siri Kaur for a transformative 40-day meditation practice, leading up to Summer Solstice. Through the "Kriya for Self Love," a powerful Kundalini Yoga practice, you will learn to connect with your Sat Nam, your true self, develop greater self-love, and embrace your inner world. This practice is for you if: You're seeking a deeper connection with yourself and your intuition You want to learn powerful techniques for cultivating self-love You're looking for a transformative and healing practice to support your growth and evolution as a Kundalini Yogi We suggest a donation of US $25 to support the ongoing...

Event Series Emotional Health with GuruMeher

Emotional Health with GuruMeher

Virtual Venue P.O. Box 1560, Santa Cruz

Yoga Therapist GuruMeher combines short talks to better understand and manage difficult emotions with practices for self regulation and trauma recovery to feel better and build your skills. Register HERE to join GuruMeher's space in Sutra for his free live stream class. All are Welcome!

Event Series Magical Living

Magical Living

Virtual Venue P.O. Box 1560, Santa Cruz

Join Adeline-Izza M. this week for a magical practice. In this class we will connect with our truth and the infinite power that lies within, to act from our domain. When we act from our domain, we are able to project thoughts so powerfully that we create and manifest instantly. We are able to bring about perfect health in our body: perfect health, balance and harmony is our original state of being! Join us live on  Facebook and Youtube!!