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Keeping Up in Rome


Shakti Centro di Kundalini Yoga, a 3HO Yoga Center Partner

By Panch Nishan Kaur

Ah, the Beauty of Rome! And my, how the 3HO Community has grown here! The White Tantric Yoga® course held on March 14th in Rome brought 250 Kundalini Yoga teachers and students together from all parts of Italy: Sardinia, Naples, Bologna, and more.

Panch Nishan Kaur, 3HO International Community Relations and Guru Jiwan Kaur, creator of Shakti Centro di Kundalini Yoga, who is honored by 3HO Foundation International for all the years of love and dedication in which she serves the legacy of Yogi Bhajan and 3HO, and builds community in Rome and throughout Europe.

There are hundreds of Kundalini Yoga teachers living in Rome dedicated to sharing Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. As the city is full and compact, yoga centers become an integral place for students and teachers to come together in community.

On behalf of 3HO Foundation International, a class took place that focused on vitality, prosperity, and the elimination of obstacles. The economic challenges facing many countries right now is felt a bit stronger in Italy.  Many students shared that they are out of work, looking for work, or that their retirement is gone. 

Students share food, laughter, and their experiences the day following White Tantric Yoga.

The class focused onraising vitality to be able to face the pressures of the times, eliminate obstacles, and attract the prosperity needed to fulfill the work of our souls this lifetime. The community found these meditations extremely helpful and relevant. The 3HO staff does this prosperity meditation together in New Mexico twice a week for 11 minutes.  We keep the 3HO Global Community in our awareness and project prosperity and the elimination of obstacles for all.






A variety of classes are offered in the two-room studio such as Kundalini Yoga, Yoga for Children, Shakti Dance, Gatka, and Sat Nam Rasayan.

‘Budokan In’ is a Kundalini Yoga Center with a presence in Rome for 15 years and is another important center around which community grows and is inspired.  The center has a great kitchen and often meals are shared as way to be together and enjoy.

It was inspiring to see the many facets of the community in Rome working together to expand the legacy of Yogi Bhajan and the myriads of teachings he offered.







 A delicious home cooked Italian meal was prepared by Nav Neet Singh and enjoyed at Budokan In. From left to right: Bhagwati Kaur, Sarabjit Singh, Panch Nishan Kaur, Sadhana Singh (Initiator of Budokan In yoga center), and Hari Bhajan Kaur.

 This year the community will hold the third annual Women’s Camp and is looking at the possibility of creating a 3HO community organization and a Sikh Dharma organization to support endeavors that serve the whole community.  In Italy, the strong national association of Kundalini Yoga Teachers  organized the White Tantric Yoga® course. Rome is a big city with lots of traffic so people mostly frequent the neighborhoods in which they live.  As a result, there are many yoga centers offering Kundalini Yoga scattered throughout the city and a number of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training programs.  It was inspiring to see the centers and training programs cooperating and networking. This has led to the growth of a robust, diverse, and lively community!