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February 2011 Numerology Forecast: Don’t React…Connect!

By Nam Hari Kaur, California, USA

The month of February is a time where we are examining our relationships, deciding what we can maintain, and considering what we need to let go of. The number 2 contains the issues of boundaries and balance. It's the two sides of the coin which need to be considered to bring about the best possible result. As you are standing at your personal crossroads of life, ask yourself the question, "Is there a fair and balanced exchange here?"

The number 6 is at play in the sub layers of February, and anything which feels unfair will send sparks flying! We have just entered a highly emotionally sensitive space in this New Year, and people’s tolerance will be at a low ebb. When the tide is low, many things otherwise unseen are revealed. If you tune into it you will be able to observe people’s hidden agendas and core emotional belief systems. This can be shocking! The key is to not over react in response. Gracefully disconnect where you need to, and know that the proper support and alignment of energy will be there for you at the right time.


Sitali Pranayam to Connect to the Angelic Realm

Things will be happening very swiftly this year; there is an immediate "revolving door" effect of people moving in and out of our lives. The only way to keep up with it all is to stay in balance. Some type of spiritual practice is now a basic human requirement on planet Earth. One of the simplest and most powerful things you can do is 26 breaths of Sitali Pranayam in the morning upon arising, and 26 repetitions before going to bed at night. That's not too difficult! This yogic breath will help your body to detoxify, and connect you to the Ether Element, which is the space of the heavenly helpers (angels, demigods, etc.). When you do your part, the angelic realm will show up to cover the rest. If you are sitting in a stuffy room complaining and crying, "I can't breathe, I can't breathe, life is so unfair!"—maybe you just need to open up a window. Once the window is open all the fresh new air has a way to reach you. Now you are revitalized and can see the evolving opportunities all around.


Connect to Your Spiritual Community

February is a highly connective time which will yield the best results in the area of building community. We can "reset" our emotional support system and gain a solid foundation of trust and mutual support through the wider horizon of spiritual community. The word "spiritual" is sometimes misunderstood. Some people place its meaning in the area of religion. This is incorrect. Spiritual is that which has spirit, an innate light and liveliness which is attractive and energetic. We are all drawn towards things which radiate a positive life force. For example, if you are walking along on a hiking trail and come upon a waterfall, you are immediately drawn towards its life force and vitality. This is because of the spirit that it holds. We all crave this type of experience in our relationships—sometimes it is there, sometimes it isn't. Instead of blaming the other person for having a bad day, look to create a broader spectrum of people of spirit so that you may have an emotional safety net. The days of the lone wolf are over.


A Sneak Preview of 12-21-12

As we look towards the future and the cosmic time clock changing on 12-21-12, many people are concerned about the future and welfare of humanity. I personally get questions about this all the time now. So, here's the sneak preview! The number 12 (of 20-12) is a special number in the science of Numerology. It represents "tribes" and the tribalization of people coming together for safety and well being. With the overall number of 2012 being a 5 (2+0+1+2=5), number 5 represents change and upheaval. It is also the Earth Element, which signifies the likelihood of Earth changes. So how are you going to make it through? Sitting by yourself with only one or two friends, and one of them is having a nervous breakdown?

You need to have a greater scope of support, and this can be found in spiritual alignment with a tribe you feel in sync with. It can be a yoga center, a bicycle club, a sewing circle, or church; but by golly, get connected now so you are acclimated by 12-21-12. Don't be frightened by this, because the good news is that we are all going to be a lot happier once we let go of insulating and isolating ourselves. I spoke with someone once who was directly affected by Hurricane Andrew in Florida. After she weathered the storm she said to me, "Who cares about the roof. That can be replaced! Now I know my neighbors and have three new friends. I'm not so lonely anymore."

Every change, no matter how challenging it may be, is now an opportunity for elevation. Once you have elevated yourself to the higher ground you will then begin to notice new faces around you. Very likely they have just been through a similar experience, and once you start talking you will be amazed at how much you have in common. This bond of common experience can be the foundation for better times in the future.

Keep your grace, show a bright face, and know that you have a place in the emerging Aquarian Age.

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