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Creating Sacred Space: Altar Technology

An altar is a sacred space where we can connect to our Higher Self. It provides us with a place to focus, think, pray, meditate and listen; and it helps us connect with the Infinite within and without us.

Altars are part of ancient traditions and have been used as places of worship for thousands of years. Every civilization around the world has worshipped at altars as an integral part of their spiritual or religious practice.

Worshipping, or connecting at a deep and personal level with the Infinite, is an essential element in every individual's spiritual journey in lite. Worshipping renews our spirit, and feeds our souls in the similar way we nourish our bodies with food and water.

An altar is that special place we can create to help us withdraw from everyday lite—a place of re-connection, rejuvenation and energy. An altar can be a very small space, a whole room or even outdoors. An altar can change with the seasons, or reflect the changes in you as you experience personal growth.

An altar helps to remind us to stop during our hectic and busy lives, to take time to be, to listen. It is an oasis of silence and peace, a place of spiritual comfort and inspiration.

Creating Your Personal Altar

  • Choose a space.
    • Any surface, wall or area, Inside or out, can be made into an altar.
    • It is best if the space can be dedicated to this one single purpose, as opposed to having multi-purpose uses.
  • Traditionally an altar holds objects that make you feel powerful and/or that recall powerfully your spiritual path.
    • Pictures of great spiritual teachers, saints, prophets
    • Malas, gemstones, and other objects used in meditation and prayer
    • Anything that recalls your personal spirituality; there is no right or wrong. Choose from your heart.
    • Place your picture on the altar. Use a picture that reminds you of your Higher Self, your radiance, your spiritual presence.
    • Play your favorite mantras or prayers 24/7.

From Sikh Dharma Dasvandh