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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Inspiration from Group Consciousness

Excerpts from a lecture on 3/11/74

First a person learns only in limited environments. When he becomes perfect in perfection of his own confidence of limited environments, then he can tackle unlimited environments. That is why individual consciousness will go to group consciousness.

What is a church, what is a temple, what is a synagogue, what is a Gurdwara? What is a classroom, what is an ashram? It is a part of a group consciousness to practice.

You can pull yourself in a right direction, right course. We are group, we are energy; I am not alone. I am not by myself, I have got Adi Shakti ashram, I have got Arjun Dev ashram, I have this, I have that, I am not alone. I can muster the strength of so many people. I won't let you fall, I'll help you, though I can't do it alone. But I have got so many people around me. That is group consciousness: I am not alone.

Loneliness is the saddest thing on the Earth. Group consciousness takes away the loneliness. I am not alone; I have many brothers and sisters. And this is a unique power. This is a unique virtue; it is a unique straight strength—when these brothers and sisters and goodness inspire me to the goodness of myself, and I know here I am good, and around me there is a goodness of all my brothers and sisters.

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