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Be Secure in the One

By Bhavanjot Kaur                                          

“In the Sensory Age there will not be any insecurity. You will understand security. When you bring security to another person and the other person brings security to you, you will mutually become one unit. If you understand that we are all human beings, you will immediately come to a sensory, emotional understanding, and life will be happy.”
-Yogi Bhajan

I remember driving along with my daughter who was about two years old at the time. We were passing my previous healing arts space and I saw her sweet face in the rear view mirror as she smiled and pointed excitedly at the building as it came into vision. “Mommy’s office!” And I smiled proudly at how aware she was becoming of her surroundings and I nodded, “Yes it is! You are right!” She was familiar with the place, as we would go there often to play the singing bowls, and sometimes she would even lay on the massage table long enough for me to give her a foot massage with essential oils.

She continued to point out the window as we drove by and without hesitation she squealed, “Let’s go hit the bong at Mommy’s office!” To which I nearly lost control of the vehicle in my laughter and then I quickly corrected her, “You mean you want to go play the gong at mommy’s office?” She nodded as she put both of her hands together in a clapping motion and I wiped the tears out of the corners of my eyes that had formed from laughing so hard.

While I have found so much security in our joy and laughter together, I have also learned that exploring the wide and deep array of emotions and fears as a human being has given me a greater awareness and security within myself in some of the most uncertain of times.

“You only want to deal with a few things, so you pick and choose. This way you build a character of being limited, you want to deal only with limited. No limited thing can be happy, because God is unlimited, and the environments are unlimited.”
-Yogi Bhajan

I recently took my first boxing class. I work out, do yoga and meditate daily so I am in fairly good condition these days, but I was breathless and my eyes were burning with sweat and my muscles were shaking by the end of the class. I got into my car to drive and could barely hold the steering wheel as I was so fatigued. It was in that moment that I recalled my friend recently saying to me over the phone, “…anger is the shield for sadness.” As her words resonated within my being, I could feel something breaking open inside of me and suddenly I was flooded with emotion. So much anger was released in the boxing class, and underneath that armor was a sea of emotion that was finally able to pour out of me and wash away. It felt so freeing to just surrender and release this emotion.

The experience with the boxing class made me realize that our ability to find security and laughter in unsure times is reliant upon our ability to self-examine regularly and clear toxic or draining emotions like anger and sadness frequently. Like a yoga teacher of mine recently said in class, “Become aware of how you feel.” So we do not need to attach to it, but we do need to be aware of it so we can let it go in healthy doses in healthy ways rather than avoiding, numbing or detaching. We must learn to check in rather than check out. We have to go inward before we go outward. We have to go deep within before we can rise above.

“Learn one thing: one who does not recognize his weakness can never be strong. There is no way to progress and grow other than first find out the depth, the lowest point of you. Then you can start going towards the highest.”
-Yogi Bhajan

My daughter was two and a half years old when she was diagnosed with a stage three kidney cancer. She went into remission when she was about three and a half years old. In the year that followed we had to go in for regular check- ups with her oncologist and she would have fully sedated MRI and CAT-Scans every three months to monitor her continued health. While I aimed to remain focused on receiving positive news, the twenty-four hour wait for the results often left me anxious, and fear would sometimes wash in with an undertow of silent and repressed anger and sadness.

I recall one evening waiting on the couch for the news to come. My daughter was lying next to me with a wrapped up arm where she was stuck with needles where they drew blood to check her counts. She was still a bit woozy from the anesthesia, but she looked quite content and was nestled in with blankets and teddy bears. I did not verbally share my fear or my feelings about waiting, but she must have sensed that my energy was off.

She turned and looked at me and suddenly started singing Adays Tisai Adays which is a mantra that I play sometimes in our home. I was inspired to look up the meaning of the mantra as I recognized that she was trying to communicate something to me and instead I came across a meditation called Release Fear and Become a Conscious Leader, (link to video) which happens to use the mantra that my daughter, my teacher, alerted me to, which guided me to this meditation. This meditation can support us in releasing fears so we can step into the security of our conscious leadership.

“You cannot be fearless if you have vengeance. If you carry negative pain, negative experience—somewhere along the line you want to get even. But if you can leave it to God, then the action happened, it has gone, it is passed, you are who you are, then you have no fear.”
-Yogi Bhajan

I drive down this main road in my town each day and this lady leaves spiritual messages on a white board out by the road. It is actually really cool and I look forward to the messages each day as I pass by. It’s like a little love note to us passersby from God. I drove by today and it said, “Be the One.” It made sense to me in so many ways.

The mantra Adays Tisai Adays translates to “I salute Thee, the Primal One, pure in the beginning, through all time, through all the ages, the One.” No matter how uncertain the times may be under any given circumstance, if we are aware of and secure with our inner landscape—if we can ‘be the one’ and our security lies within us, then we will be secure in our oneness with the One and our oneness with all.  

“Apply one to everything. Apply oneness to your enemies; apply oneness to your friends; apply oneness to your calamities; apply oneness to your destruction; apply oneness to your construction; apply oneness to everything. You will feel great. Your fear will be gone, your tragedy will melt away, your sorrow will be gone.”
-Yogi Bhajan 

Bhavanjot Kaur is the owner and founder of Hamsa Healing Arts located in Centerbrook, CT. She is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Radiant Child Yoga Teacher,  Reiki Master practitioner and Teacher, Craniosacral therapy practitioner, Raindrop therapy massage practitioner and she also offers sound therapy with a 32" Paiste Symphonic Gong. Bhavanjot is a consultant for essential oils, medicinal mushrooms and CBD oil. She is mother to a delightful six-year-old little girl who overcame a rare childhood kidney cancer, which inspires her work with Lucy's Love Bus and the Connecticut Cancer Foundation.