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August 2013 Numerology Forecast: Creative Momentum Unleashed

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of August is a time of setting in motion the momentum necessary to carry forth the next phase of our dreams, goals and ambitions. There is a “Hup-to-it!” energy in the air, moving us to take action where we may have previously felt a lack of motivation. This palatable sense of urgency, as if we have suddenly awakened from a deep slumber, will unleash a wave of creative momentum on planet Earth. It’s about time!

The number 8 of August represents issues of power, money, health and healing. As people are looking to increase their well-being in all these areas, not everyone will be maneuvering from the same ethical skill-set. Some will resort to a rogue-like approach, seeing how much they can get away with before anyone notices. This is because the number 5 appears in the Base calculation for August, and 5 can have a cavalier and dare-devilish quality about it, especially when taken to the extreme. And we are in extreme times.

Don’t let yourself be pressured into buying your six year old a skate board for his birthday if you live in a hilly section of San Francisco, or you may find yourself racing him off to the doctor’s office after taking a tumble. This month will test our sense of healthy boundaries for ourselves, as well as the boundaries we set for others.

Serving the Children

Children will be feeling particularly rambunctious and mischievous, so keep them busy, and keep them safe. Activities like bowling, miniature golf, badminton in the backyard, and playing frisbee are good ways for them to expend energy and be happy.

Young people need our attention and involvement in their world, this helps build self-esteem. Positive self-esteem is a cornerstone of healthy relationships, and every parent, relative and neighbor wants this for the children in their lives.

Get it off Your Chest—with Grace

Looking again to the Base number of 5, we are experiencing the need to communicate anything that has previously been suppressed. Some people will be feeling so worked up about emotional issues they have held back from discussing, they will blurt out something which is inappropriate or overly aggressive. This “spring-loaded” effect will have many people spinning in circles. The sentiment, “Gosh, that happened months ago, and you’re still upset!” will resonate in many scenarios.

It is worthwhile to take the time to sort through the emotional barbed wire, once you are able to establish a neutral environment. Don’t “take the bait” and get lured into what is commonly called an “ambush tactic.” This gives the other person the upper hand because you have been energetically blindsided, and therefore unprepared to effectively deal with the issues. Create a buffer for yourself by saying, “What you have to say sounds really important, I have another obligation right now, so let’s talk tomorrow.” Shape-shift the situation by having a gracious exit plan, and live to talk another day.

A positive aspect of the expressive 5 spirit is that we will be feeling bolder in communicating to each other how we would like to move forward together. This is a great brain-storming/story-boarding time, as creativity and new ideas abound. Food is an important component to all of this, as the number 3 is in the Heart calculation for August. Number 3 is food, creativity, fun and expression all rolled into one, so keep the snacks and iced tea flowing! This is a great time to throw a party (make up a reason), and folks will show up as long as they know there is a feast to be enjoyed.

The Next Cosmic Dance Partner

We want to feel emotionally full again, after the first half of the year stripped away from us people/things which we previously relied upon. Everyone is now looking for the next cosmic dance partner, and the need to feel happy again will create a shift in how we approach our lives. Whether it be in friendship, career, or family, there is a new boldness at play in the spirit of humanity. This is a good thing, just be sure to use the front gate and not jump the fence while trampling over the rose bushes, as you are charging towards the door. Well channeled intention is a powerful thing.

Sitali Pranayam

Revisiting the number 8 for August, know that we are now in a powerful vortex of deep healing, if we choose to allow this energy to circulate within us. Number 8 represents the Air Element, and our breath is the vehicle for this precious flow of life force. Eleven minutes of Sitali Pranayam a day can totally recalibrate your life at this time. You will become sharp, clear, and connected to the intuitive flow of your own existence.

When we create the magic from within, the sparkle of life’s possibilities are apparent all around us. “Like attracts like,” and our higher resonance frequency allows for a similar ship on the ocean to see our friendly flags flying on the horizon. Smooth sailing, and may Heavens light your way.

“Give yourself a chance to be lofty, graceful, gorgeous, radiant, real. Give yourself a chance.”
-Yogi Bhajan 4/24/97


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