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Ask your questions about the 3HO lifestyle and your Kundalini Yoga practice. Sewa Singh, our senior 3HO lifestyle advisor, responds to your questions with compassion, insight, and deep understanding of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Send your questions here.

Yogic Diet Guidelines


I am a new Kundalini Yoga student and I have a question about the dietary guidelines that Yogi Bhajan advised.

Are these guidelines very strict, or is it acceptable for a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga to eat in a way that honors their own individual needs and cultural traditions?

Kundalini Yoga and the LGBT Community

Sat Nam,

The kriyas are often very specific with precise instructions for men and different instructions for women. There is an increased awareness and presence of trans-gendered people in our community. Yogi Bhajan often spoke directly and specifically to an audience of strictly women or strictly men emphasizing how the polarity between the two genders was so different.