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Aquarian Experience Event Schedule





Morning Sadhana - Broadcast Live through Sikhnet



     3:40 am Japji



      4:00 am Kundalini Yoga with Krishna Kaur



      4:45 am Meditation Chants with Dev Suroop Kaur and friends



7:30 am  Breakfast, Breathwalk, Gutka, Kundalini Yoga, Sat Nam Rasayan



10:30 am Welcome--Nirvair Singh, Krishna Kaur, Guruka Singh, Jaap Kaur

(Live Broadcast through 3HO Begins)



11:00 am Chant--Angels Awakening Band with Dharm Singh, Krishna Kaur



11:15 am Kundalini Kriya with Krishna Kaur and Gong Relaxation with Nirvair Singh



12:30 pm  Aquarian March Kriya with Yogi Bhajan video



12:45-1:45 pm  Lunch, Stories of the Aquarian Age with Guruka Singh, Ravi Har Singh, Krishna Kaur



1:45 pm Stories from Bibiji



2:15 pm  5 Kriyas

1. Kirtan Kriya with Sat Purkh Kaur

2. Sodarshan Chakra Kriya with Guruka Kaur

3. One minute Breath with Upma Kaur and Jaap Kaur

4. Tershula Kriya with Pritpal Singh

5. Sat Kriya with Hari Charn Kaur and Shanti Shanti Kaur



3:45 pm Bhangara with Ravi Kaur



4:00 pm Yogi Bhajan video "Change of the Age"



5:00pm  Celestial Communication with Siri Hari and ashram children



5:30 pm Dinner, Stories of the Aquarian Age with Nirvair Singh, Ek Ong Kaar Kaur, Shanti Kaur, Krishna Singh



6:30 pm  Concert featuring Dev Suroop Kaur, Angels Awakening, Jai Jagdeesh Kaur