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Yogic Living: The Power of Living in Community

Spiritual community brings support, inspiration, and resources that sustain and nurture us on the path towards self-excellence. In community, as we expand and elevate ourselves and strive to create a better world, our efforts are multiplied by like-minded souls.

Practicing the 3HO lifestyle (morning sadhana, Kundalini Yoga and meditation, White Tantric Yoga®, service/seva) creates a sense of belonging and connection, whether physical or virtual.

Blood ties are strong; spiritual ties may be even stronger. Anyone who lives the lifestyle embodied in Yogi Bhajan’s teachings (or even parts of it) is 3HO Family.

Wisdom from the Master

Yogi Bhajan Lecture: The Power of Group Sadhana

Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Pioneers in the Age of Aquarius

Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Spiritual Awakening through Group Consciousness

Yogi Bhajan Lecture: We are the People of Love

Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Human Longing

Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Learn How to Love

Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Inspiration from Group Consciousness

Yogi Bhajan Poem: The Company of the Holy


Kundalini Yoga Technology

Meditation for Increased Energy and Working in Groups—the 4/4 Breath 

Meditation to Know the Field

Mahan Jaap: Attuning to Group Energy

Developing Self-Rhythm

Bowing Jaap Sahib

Subagh Kriya

Chii-a Kriya: Surround Yourself with Protection

Kriya to Communicate and Create Companionship

Kriya for Energy & Rejuvenation

Renewing the Brain: Mental Exercises

Healing Ring of Tantra

Meditation for Spiritual Stamina


From Our Bloggers

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The Aquarian Sadhana