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Yogi Bhajan on Yogi Tea

Excerpts from an interview given on August 16, 1999 in Hamburg, Germany

You know, people are gutted. They are into their lives and they can't change. They know they have to change; they want to change; but sometimes they don't have strength to change. The Yogi Tea original formula was to give people help for their liver, spleen and immune system. It was done for people to get to the kind of strength that if they want to do hard exercise, and they want to change, and they want to build their immune system, they should.

That's how we started Yogi Tea. We had a problem with young people and there were thousands of them and unfortunately they were all into drugs and sex and this and that. So we told them, let's get naturally high. Let's do Kundalini Yoga and drink Yogi Tea and see what happens. It changed the youth. It is giving people a direct hope.

If you want to live a life of excellence, where you control things and not have things control you; and where you have the discipline that you can apply brakes when you want or move when you want; or change gears in the middle of a hill; and you want to reach out for your destination and destiny, there are some beverages and spices and things you need. So if you drink Yogi Tea, this tea will give you that kind of constant maintenance. You need that maintenance. You need something to go in to wake up the inside of you, not only the outside of you.

If you make Yogi Tea, get up in the morning and take a glass of about eight ounces and sip it nicely. In one week you will feel the change, but it has to be the first drink, and without milk.

People are going to need it. There is no way out. There is nothing better than this available. People who want health, people who want to remain free from colds and this and that, this is the best food supplement. You are what you eat. It can take stiffness and stuffiness from your life.

This is the Age of Aquarius and the axis of the Earth has changed and it's going to come to an understanding where the information age is going to blow everybody's nervous systems. People are going to feel very empty and useless and relationships are going to break left and right, and people are not going to trust each other. So we need that strength.

People don't know what to do and the whole night they stay awake and the next morning they can't even get up from the chair. All this is happening in the next fourteen years. Change is happening.

So with this change people are going to change. People will hardly go to offices; they will have computers at home; they will work. A lot of things will be changing but along with that, one change will be Yogi Tea. That's the only way you can survive. How can you survive when you put fast food and garbage and all that stuff? How can your liver not be affected? I have met so many people and it's a troublesome situation. So we feel that it's a very low cost way to maintain high gear, rather than drinking beer and liquor and coffee.

The world has come to the fastest millennium of its time and you can't deal with it. People do not have stability. They do not have touch with their own soul or nucleus. They do not have control of their mind. They do not have control of their thoughts. They have a big mess network of thoughts which is going against them. They can't do a thing and they are falling apart—not slowly but with all gravity to the bottom of their pit. There is a melancholy mood and the Prozac even cannot work. Liquor doesn't work. Where will they go? Except for Yogi Tea, what do they have?

In the end of fourteen years, the world will look mostly insane and absolutely wise. Those who pick up the rhythm will be very wise and those who lose the rhythm will be insane. It is happening now. See the range of nervous breakdown seven years ago, and now, and seven years from now. See how many people are confused. It's a real thing you can see, feel and know.

So we hope people will have good food, chew their food, relax, drink pure water, take cold showers. Wake up, man, and save yourself.

You need a body, you need a mind, you need a soul and you need a governing self, and people do not know what a governing self is. You are the master of all these three, the trinity, and you have to keep everything under control, and for that you need sadhana, self-control, and ecstasy, so the unknown can become known to you. So you can become known to everybody.

Times are changing and so people and environments and everything must match up.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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