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Yogic Eating Guidelines for Women

Yogi Bhajan often said that women should eat carefully and lightly in order to maintain their emotional and physical balance and well-being. 

In general, a woman should have two meals a day and two light drinks a day. The first drink begins at breakfast. The first meal can be about four hours later; it should be the largest meal of the day. “Eat to your delight” is the motto at this mid-day meal. But when you are full, stop!

The second drink of the day can be between lunch and dinner. The evening meal should be light and easily digestible and preferably eaten before sunset.

It is a very good idea not to eat anything in the evening, but if you do, please allow at least three hours before going to bed, so that you can be well into digestion mode before going to sleep.

Some foods to definitely avoid: salt (a little sea salt is fine), sugar, caffeine or any highly acidic foods or overly fried foods. Sugar affects a woman very squarely. Avoid it. “Eat what you want to eat, but don’t let yourself be eaten up by the food.”—Yogi Bhajan

From childhood through adulthood, one meal a day should be steamed vegetables. Every woman should eat in a balanced manner and in a balanced setting. Quiet, calm environments make for better digestion. Eating can often be a woman’s weakness and improper eating habits can be the cause of a variety of physical and emotional problems, to say nothing of being the cause of most overweight problems. Slow down, then sit down and enjoy your food. Chew! When you think you’ve chewed enough, chew some more.

“Now, I will tell you something about food. Just put up a little sign on the table that says: ‘My stomach has no teeth.’ Do you understand? If even one-tenth of your food goes from your mouth into the body without saliva, it will create disease.”
—Yogi Bhajan, June 29, 1995

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

From I AM A Woman available through KRI.