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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Foundation for the Future

Excerpts from a lecture published in Beads of Truth, Summer Solstice Edition, 1972

I am working day and night. I have a purpose to fulfill and that purpose is to lay the foundations of the fu­ture so strong and so perfect that no time should be in a position to crumble the walls. A word to those who do not put their total energy into it: freaking out is not a difficult process, but build­ing requires a lot of sweat and a lot of nerves and we must get together and pull together.

I have called all the teachers, I have given them the responsibilities, and I am a free man. I told you very clearly, honest­ly, that three years I will serve you, I’ll hug you. After three years I will bug you. And now I’m going to start that. I am going to see how all these teach­ers whom I have taught this great se­cret science, the great Truth shared with me, how they now come up to it. I’ll see how much they can stand, bug them a lot, and give them such a bad time that either they’ll be great teachers or they will run away.

A nation is not built like a miracle. It is built with the blood and sweat of the people, but when it is built, then it lives. We are going to build that nation, and we sincerely mean it, and we have got no duality. It is all right, some will come and some will go. Come and go is always there, but those who will just get enlightened and enchanted with the Truth, they will give their life to it.

And I am grateful to you. What we have become in three years is a miracle, it is a living miracle. One day when the history is written, it will be recorded. We are living on this world, we will live on this world, and we will always live in now.

So just relax and feel good, and let us not be aggressive and destructive, that is absolutely not needed. Regis­ter to vote, and then very nicely, vote for what you think is right. This is a democracy, and in 5, 10, 20 years you can change absolutely the whole Ad­ministration according to your will.

Peace to every heart, peace to every individual, and prosperity to every man. That should be our motto. Don’t bug anybody and nobody’s go­ing to bug you. Keep on doing slowly and gradually, calmly. Calmly and quietly assure your future, work hard, sweat and build, and live up to it. The time has given you a call and you must match it; that is the grace of the man, and we must do it.

© 1972 The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan