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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: The World Starts with Woman

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan on June 28, 1994

Technically speaking, you are not what you look at in the mirror. We are talking about you. You look at yourself in the mirror; what you see is what you sell. You have never looked into your soul. That's what you are and that's what you are not projecting. Look at your dresses. You want to be sexy. What is that? Is your sex on sale? And the feeling is, why doesn't somebody buy it? If somebody buys it, what objection would you have? Your whole mentality, sentimentality, and projection is, "How many men appreciate me?" And man's whole projection is, "How fast can I exploit her?"

Be Alert - Don't Flirt

You gave birth to Guru Nanak, you gave birth to Gautama Buddha, you gave birth to Mohammad, you gave birth to Jesus, you gave birth to Rama, you gave birth to Krishna. You gave birth to everybody. You are the mother. And you suffer at the hands of a man because you sell yourself openly in an open market. You sell your body and that's what you are. You are a flirt, therefore you are not alert. A woman who is a flirt is the worst enemy of herself. You flirt with your youth, you flirt with your adult age, you flirt with your old age.

I once met a woman in New York who was eighty-nine years old. And she brought a man to meet me and she said, "Yogiji, this is the man I'm going to marry."

I said, "What's wrong with you?"

She said, "Just look at his aura and please let me know whether he can be right."

I said, "Why are you marrying him?"

She said, "I am lonely."

I said, “Why would you want to marry this man?"

She said, "Don't you think I am lonely?"

I said, "Do you have your God with you, do you have your soul with you, do you have your self with you?"

She said, "I never thought of it."

I said, "It is a matter of principle that at this age of grace, having everything as a gift of God, you couldn't grace yourself. That's why. That is the point."

And you do not know what grace is! And if you grace yourself at every moment and do not be cheap, there's no question that God will honor you. And that is what a woman is. Whenever a woman is cheap she loses her grace. Once you lose your grace you're just a nothing.

You have excuses, "Oh, I have my past, I have my future, I have my yesterday, I have my tomorrow." Forget it, those are all excuses. Excuses are abuses, abuse is personal. Excuses are personal abuses. You abuse yourself. You suffer at the hands of man, being the giver of the man himself. Jananee is the birth giver; the Mother of humanity; the source of incarnation of divinity, integrity, responsibility, and personality. Jananee.

It is very funny when Manu[1]starts writing about a woman. He goes hundreds and hundreds of pages praising a woman: "You are the goddess. You are the self. You are the divine. You are the source of the Universe. You are the way of God. You are the tomorrow." He goes on and on and on and on, and in the end he says only one line, "But, oh woman, when your head falls in your heels, you are your worst enemy." And he stops. He never says one more line.

If every woman makes every man so born to respect, respect, respect, then there should be no cruelty, no disorder, no mental cruelty, no crime on this whole planet, the world would be just heaven.

You are the teacher, you are the first introduction. Can you deny it? What a mother teaches a child in the womb cannot be learned on the Earth. That's why I asked you, after 120 days, just to meditate. Soul has entered. Walk and meditate, Charan Japa Kriya.[2]

Woman is the Ultimate Incarnation

You are the ultimate incarnation! You can redeem yourself four ways. Man has to become a man of God. You can become a woman of God, you can give birth to a man of God, you can serve a man of God, and you can bless as a jananee to make somebody Divine.

You are the nucleus of this Universe. Man marries you, man divorces you, man leaves you, man comes to you. But look at the man! All in all, a woman is why man is running around. And still you can't control your world? What can you control in yourself? Your grace. Without grace, every woman loses the race of life and lives in strife. You can provoke, you can nag, you can be emotional. But where does all of it lead you?

Strength and weakness follow each other. The question is, which side are you on? The question is not what the calamities are that you are going to face. Everybody has got to face that. The question is not whether misfortune is coming or not. The question is, how are you going to face it? If you face anything head on, it will go away.

Once you play games, once you flirt, the stupid half-brain male, totally insecure, neurotic, born of a woman, trained under the influence of a woman, will never trust you. He may say so, he may promise you. The chance with you is, ever be or never be. There may be a fifty year old man—if his mother has the guts to stand as a mother, that fifty year old man, no matter who he is, shall never cross her. You are a way to God because you are a way from God. You are the first teacher. The whole world goes around you. Whenever you are you, you have always won, but you are never you. You have always been defeated. The day you know you are a woman in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end, God cannot defeat you.

Adi shakti, adi shakti, adi shakti, namo, namo. This God said to you. This is your mantra.

Adi shakti, adi shakti, adi shakti, namo, namo. Sarab shakti, sarab shakti, sarab shakti, namo, namo. Pritam bagvati, pritam bagvati, pritam bagvati, namo, namo. Kundalini, mata shakti, mata shakti, namo, namo.

I bow to the primal power.

I bow to the all pervading power.

I bow to the creative power at the beginning.

I bow to the mother of all power.

The Creator bowed to you. Without you there's no Creator. Because without you there's no Creation.

You are on sale on every billboard, in every magazine, on every talk show. Your existence has become sell, sell, sell. Has anybody put on a billboard, "I salute my mother who gave me birth?" Have you ever thought that you have nothing about you to sell except to cause a personal insult? Have you ever thought your values are your values? They are always your values. Do you understand that all relationships go around you and you are the hub of every relationship? And still you want a relationship. Have you ever thought that you are the giver, you are the destiny, and you are the moksha, you are the redeemer?

The Grace of God

When I started the Grace of God Movement of the Women of America I thought this was something every woman would adopt. Ha! You want rights now! National Organization of Women! You want rights from those to whom you gave birth? The king is begging from the people, "Fifty cents please, I'm your king." Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, God. Woman is asking for rights from the men. If all the women in the United States went on strike, not speaking to men for fourteen days you could get any bill passed, including that men will massage your feet in the morning before you get up! Your caliber, your consciousness and your self is sixteen times stronger than all the men.

Man has only one hemisphere of the brain. You have both working at the same time. Your intuition is given potentially because you are going to be a mother, so all dangers in and out are known to you. You have everything plus, plus, plus.

Woman has only one chance to be one step ahead of the man, and that is only because she is naturally intuitive and therefore there is no reason for her to give an inch. But when she flirts, she is no more alert, she is a sitting duck. And that's why you suffer. And you'll continue suffering generation after generation after generation. If this generation doesn't teach other generations how not to suffer, the suffering will continue.

No man who has no gratitude for the jananee shall ever reach God spirit because that's the jananee too. Prana is jananee. It is the source of life. As woman gives the life, so does the prana. What is the value of Purkha, the God, without Parkirti? And who created the Parkirti? Woman.

Have you ever thought that a man of God or a saint is a channel of God? True? Things flow from him? And the whole Universe flows from you. Have you ever seen that there is nothing more Divine than you? You have become what a mirror tells you and you do not know where your soul is! You do not know where your grace is! You do not know where you are. You have to find it.

Look Beyond the Mirror

Don't lose your grace for temporary benefits. Think long-term. You can be, because you are the source of the beginning. You always shall be, because you created time. You are always affected because you are the master of the space. And you are always into that height of self because you are the lofty self. On this planet, you are the hub, you are the purity, you are the force, you are the mother, no other.

You must look beyond the mirror! You are the spirit, you are the soul, you are the self. You are the honor, you are the source of all sources. You are the redeemer of all redeemers. From you, this creation is born.

May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide your way on.

Give us peace, peace of mind, strength of our soul, grace of our self. Give us the awareness, understanding. Give us the dignity, divinity and make us know the Infinity now, tomorrow and forever. Sat Nam.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

From The Creative Aspect of a Woman, Women in Training 1994

[1]A Hindu sage

[2] Charan Japa Kriya: meditation recommended for expectant parents. Walk 3 miles together daily, chanting ‘Wha Hay Guru,’ one step per syllable.