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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Trust is Required in Order to Lead

Excerpts from a lecture given on June 30, 1994 at Women’s Camp in Espanola, New Mexico

There is a desire in a woman to be loved and liked, approved of and appreciated. If you are loved and liked for being intelligent, graceful, and compassionate, you will have no problem in your life.

A leader has to do three things. The first thing a leader has to do is sacrifice. The second thing a leader has to do is stand alone. The third thing a leader has to do is lead. And a leader has to lead by example, by action and by word.

There is only one God; there is no other God. God is lonely by Itself and is respected because of action. A leader is one who can stand on the top of the ladder and stay balanced and alone.

If you do not want to be leaders, and you do not want to lead the home, the family, your environments with grace, courage and intelligence, you will have nothing in your life but pain. When you have a rift with the faculty of being yourself—a woman of grace, you have nothing but pain and there is nothing in between.

You can make a drama and a trauma and hide under this reason and that reason. But there are only three things woman has: trust, trust, trust. Like in real estate: location, location, location. For a woman it is that she is trustworthy. She is worthy of trust. She is worthy.

Write down this affirmation that will always guide you to happiness: she is worthy, she is trustworthy and she is worthy of trust.

You can win for a moment, you can convince for moment, you can overcome for a moment, but if you lose your trustworthiness, the gain is suicidal.

Your main achievement is, you dwell in God. You acknowledge your God inside, and your God is recognized outside. That's your beauty, that's your makeup, that's your dress, that's your power. God is recognized by you inside, and God outside is acknowledged by others. Such a woman, in spite of her facts and figures and features and all that, shall be very successful.

Let us all speak to our soul; let our soul speak to us. Let us go beyond the limit of the body and mind. Let us deal with our spirit, so it can deal with the entire nature of creation. Let the light of the spirit, the strength of the spirit be our friend, our companion, our relationship. Praise God the giver of the soul, the spirit. Praise yourself, the living self.

Consciously ask your intuition to show you the path. Consciously ask your courage to face the calamity. Ask your grace to face the insecurity. Ask your breath of life to face the depression. Rise, rise and excel. Resurrect yourself through this world to be happy, healthy and holy. Sat Nam.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan