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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: The Beaming Faculty of Woman

Excerpts from lectures given on August 12 & 21, 1978 at International Women’s Camp, Espanola, New Mexico

Woman is a source of tremendous power. If she wants to, she can beam that power to anyone. She can make a dead man a most successful radiant man. It is true that woman knows no defeat. God made her that way, equipped her that way, provided she knows that she is she. Then things can move.

She should always be in a position to establish that she is she. Whatever she is, that is the way it is going to be, and that is the way it is to be: it is to be righteous. Until and unless she is accepted as a woman to begin with, she should not make a move.

For every action you take, you must decide where it will lead. If it leads to righteousness, if it leads to Infinity, if it leads to the enhancement of your grace, only then should you allow the matter to move.

A woman's beauty—her beaming beauty—is her discipline. A woman should establish her personality and her goodwill by these three qualities: she's extremely disciplined, she's extremely dependable, and she's devoted. These are the three basic characteristics of the beaming, radiant, and enlightening personal projection of woman.

Now, to these three add one thing: "toward righteousness"—discipline toward righteousness, devotion toward righteousness, and dependability on righteousness are essential.

No woman should seek security outside of herself. Her total evaluation, her caliber in her personality, is based upon one thing: that she deeply understands and lives on one simple thought: "I am a woman."

By your basic effect, your influence, your inner feeling, your thought—you are a woman. You are first a woman. Then you can be a wife; then you can be a mother; then you can be a girlfriend; then you can be anything! By hugging you won't create anything, and by bugging you won't make anything. You will only create everything and anything, by being you.

All of nature acts on the command of a woman who does not react to herself. The entirety of nature acts at her command.

When a woman does not experience her caliber as a woman, then she feels that she has to "jump through hoops" as they say. A woman who knows that she is a woman, and has experienced her caliber as a woman, need not do anything. Things come to her. She is the creative focal power and Mother Nature will send everything to her. Therefore, she's not going to be handicapped. A beaming woman is a Divine radiance, living within the center of her heart.

Woman has the power to beam out energy in any way and send a message in any form. She can totally fix things the way she wants, provided she understands she has to do it.

Woman is creative; she cannot tolerate boredom. Boredom comes when you are defined, confined and no longer growing. You cannot grow if you do not look toward dharma. I am trying to tell you to go inside, pull out all the smiles and happiness, and spread them freely, like a princess of radiance. Then you are a real God.

You do not understand your features. Your features are not your beautiful nose, your beautiful cheeks, beautiful lips, and so on. These are not your features. Your features are your beautiful behavior, your beautiful character, your beautiful health, your beautiful spirit, your beautiful advice, your beautiful wisdom, your beautiful inspiration.

All these human features are the decoration of any and every woman. Nothing can save and serve a woman but dharma. Karma will make you miserable.

Ask Your Questions.

Q: Sir, you talked about how a woman should take no action until she is accepted as a woman. Do you mean by herself or by others?

Yogi Bhajan: The moment others come into her life, woman is upside down. First is herself. She must know that she is she, and she is accepted as she unto Infinity, before she makes a move.

Q: Sir, you said a woman should not seek security outside herself; so does that mean that a man can't provide her earthly security?

Yogi Bhajan: Man can never provide security to a woman who is not already secure within herself. Man can provide exploitation. If you seek security in a man and you are not secure first in yourself, man will always take advantage of you.

Q: Sir, could you explain dependability on righteousness?

Yogi Bhajan: Dependability on righteousness means that any action that has to be taken or is going to be taken by you or around you, must have a reaction which must be nothing but truth unto Infinity, so that you may not be put to shame tomorrow or have to answer to anything or anyone. That is called righteousness in which you cannot be fooled by circumstances, temptation or ignorance.

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