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See Your Power as a Woman

By Yogi Bhajan, 7/8/85

See your power as a woman.

Twist the heavens and squeeze them into the self.

Make all the oceans into just one drop

And out of this bring the self into the everlasting pranic wind

In which you must squeeze all the stars and suns and moons.

And beyond that there is a space where you must excel.

God shall listen to the call of the woman.

The sound in the heavens, the murmur of the leaves,

The music of the breeze, and sound of the waves,

The clouds in the skies, and the dust on the earth,

All are in salutation to the call of the woman.

The angels, the divines, the sages, the saints

Are the existence of the very prayer of the woman.

The call of the woman can penetrate through the heavens

And beyond all space, into the Infinity of God.

And that is the only power pure enough to manifest God on Earth

This is the truth and you have to experience it.

Make all forces of God obsolete because woman is the only force―

Living, vital, vibrating.

Her verbal sense is the only sense which is creative, which is consciousness.

So my dear children of God, there is a job to do.

Arm yourself, alert yourself, and get going.

The heavens shall bow to you, the angels will come, the demigods shall obey.

The Almighty God shall listen to you because you are the only way.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan