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Woman is Invincible

Excerpt from I am a Woman: Creative, Sacred, Invincible

As women, our creativity is infinite; our sensitivity and intuitive capacity are sixteen times greater than a man's; and our power is boundless. This innate creativity and power come with an awesome responsibility.

Our world is as we make it. So, how do we make it better? We have to look at ourselves—namely, our ego: “I want what I want when I want it." We must examine our own nature, our hidden agendas, our need for control, and our worn-out patterns of communication—all the things that no longer work, and be willing to change them. We have to look at how we operate as women, how we were trained to act and respond, and be willing to let it go, even when we don't quite know how to do it differently yet.

Sensuality and manipulation are hallmarks of how women are often perceived throughout the world, which is one of the reasons that cultures have suppressed women—their bodies, their reproductive rights, their prosperity—as long as they could. Women have often been exploited or controlled. How do we change the paradigm? Create a new one: The Invincible Woman.

The Invincible Woman is noble and graceful. She doesn't use sensuality or manipulation. She doesn't need to be controlled or suppressed. She uses her sensitivity and awareness to manifest her life in consciousness. By clearing her subconscious, acting from her inner wisdom, and living in her Truth, she defines a new way of being in the world. She heals all she touches, she leads from a place of purpose and humility, and she nurtures everything and makes it grow.

As you sense the flow and the power of the present moment, see your capacity to create and nurture. Recognize your greatest weakness—Insecurity—and discover that the path to an unshakable identity and strength comes when you align your Self with the Infinite. Clear the subconscious of its agendas and hooks and cultivate a new identity based on compassion and grace. Don’t short change yourself or your destiny.

©2009 Kundalini Research Institute