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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: The Radiant Body

Excerpts from a lecture given on 6/18/01, New Mexico, Summer Solstice

You must know you have radiance. Even in the worst circumstances, you want to radiate, to look beautiful, be successful, and be trusted and loved. Your radiant body is important. The tragedy is, you do not know how beautiful you are! Once you discover your own beauty you become givers. Beauty is innocent and bright. Every human has to have his armor—the radiant body, shining. To polish the radiant body is a very polite and light and simple thing to do. When we spend a few minutes every day in peace and tranquility, we become radiant in our lives.

Very few people can say very few things to very few people. You believe you can say everything to everybody whenever you choose. But you cannot. As a radiant body shines on everybody, it also protects everybody. lt does not let things in. You have ten bodies. This physical body is just one. There are three mental bodies: negative, positive and neutral; the soul, the arc body, the auric body, the pranic body, the subtle body, and last of all, your shield, the radiant body.

Let us prepare ourselves for the Age of Aquarius. Let us use different techniques to be in bliss. Let us uplift everybody. Let us understand God has created us for a purpose. Let us start complimenting rather than complaining. And let us not be like mummies, all wrapped up! Ancient, ancient, ancient souls, wrapped up with the cloth of thoughts and the wax of ego. You are destined to become masters, and you are master of your good luck, your best self and your radiant body.

We are preparing ourselves for the times to come. As the Aquarian Age is setting in, our psyche and sensory system are changing, and we are changing. What should be the foremost powerful and beautiful body, the radiant body, needs to be polished. Armors are to be shined, and we are to become again the soldiers of Divine Light.

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