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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Numerology

Excerpts from a lecture given on August 29, 1975 in Pasadena, CA

Remember what numerology is?

One is He.

Two is belonging.

Three is half devil, half divine.

Four is a cup of prayer.

Five is a half balance.

Six is man in prayer.

Seven is a platform of levitation.

Eight is Infinity.

Nine is God in blessing, God in grace.

Ten is Infinity Himself.

This is how the ten numbers are.

Eleven is an unchangeable number.

Twenty-two is undisturbed number.

That's the whole science of numerology. All we do is take the date—date is the root, month is the trunk and year is the destiny. Let me tell you for fun how to do that. Anybody has a paper and pencil? What is your date of birth?

Student: (----)

Yogi Bhajan: Twenty-seventh day. Month?

Student: (----)

Yogi Bhajan: March, third month. Year?

Student: (----)

Yogi Bhajan: Year, nineteen eighty.

Eighty. His root is twenty-seven (2+7=9). Environmentally when he is born, it must have been a moderate family which gave him a balance; there is a poverty and there is a richness. Three (March) is the trunk and that means half devil, half divine. When three is positive, this airplane has passed the clouds and is in sunshine. But the destiny is eight over nine (1+9+8+0). Somehow this man has to complete this trip and totally become holy whether he likes it or not.

I use this science and it helps me when my students come, that may I know how far I have to go.

Spiritual teacher is just like a chiseler. He takes a piece of stone, a chisel, and a hammer, and starts cutting left and right and gives him shape. There is one man who cannot exploit you. He is your spiritual teacher.

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