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Yogi Bhajan Lecture Excerpt: The Purpose of a Spiritual Name

One way [to connect with your soul] comes from the basic theory that everybody has a destiny. Destiny is your highest actions and consciousness in this life. It holds your sense of mis­sion and purpose.

One procedure to tap that inner compass of destiny is to get a spiritual name, a name according to your destiny. These days this is not a common technique. We don't realize the power of the word and the gift of des­tiny. We pick up any nickname. We do not calculate its impact and effect on that soul.

Actually, when a child is given a name, the first thing he has to be told is what his destiny is. Why does he have this name? Names given accord­ing to feelings will take you to those feelings. Names given by destiny will take you to the destiny. It is just a meditation that everyone repeats for you. When you think of that person and repeat a name that calls on the destiny in them, you pray for that person and that person is blessed each time.

The destiny-name is the first step you can take to go to the destiny. Without a name there is nothing. Imagine that you are dropped in the middle of America and told, "Go and find the city of your destiny." Where do you start? Which city are you searching for? You can visit a thousand cities and still not know whether your destiny city is San Francisco or Los Angeles. A destiny name gives you a sense of your identity beyond circumstance, distraction, and immediate feelings.

I experienced its power myself. When I touched my fortieth year, I decid­ed to resign my post. My destiny name was Harbhajan Singh—it means "the divine song of God." I had not given enough time to that, to my destiny. Everyone objected. I heard, "You are a fool," "You may not be successful," and "It is impossible." Time has proven them all wrong. My attitude then was, "I don't care if I am successful or not, or whether it is impossible. The only pos­sible I know is to be real and be my destiny. I will live somehow, but I will live as I am."

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This lecture can be found in The Mind: Its Projections and Multiple Facets, p. 95, available through KRI.