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The Sound of Your Spiritual Name

Excerpt from Heroes, Saints, and Yogis compiled by Shakti Parwha Kaur and Guruka Singh

You may have noticed that many Westerners have adopted (often legally) spiritual names. These names remind us of our destiny as spiritual beings on this planet. Every soul comes into each lifetime with a particular focus and ability, and a specific destiny to fulfill.

Yogi Bhajan used his very developed intuition and a system of numerology (using your birth date) to find the ''soul" name. He said that when you meditate on your spiritual name, and deeply understand it, you will know all that you need to know to fulfill your destiny in this lifetime.

A spiritual name becomes almost a personal mantra or hukam that both consciously and subconsciously reminds us of our true identity. When you think about it, our names are probably one of the things we hear and speak the most often in our lives.

If you have read about the technology of shabd and sound current, you can understand how this might work even if we don't know the meaning of the words. Of course, if we do know the meaning of our names, the effect of repeating them often is enhanced, just as knowing the meaning of Gurbani enhances the experience of reciting it.

Before Yogi Bhajan died, he trained his Chief of Staff, Nirinjan Kaur, in the system he used to determine spiritual names. If you are interested in receiving a spiritual name, you can request it at

Heroes, Saints, and Yogis is available through KRI