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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Living Consciously

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan on 9/23/02: Master’s Touch Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training Course

Problems are always solved when we take shelter in higher consciousness.

I don’t agree that people live consciously; they want to have money, a house, a car, etc. A person who lives consciously doesn’t care, he knows these things shall come. Conscious living is: you try to become a saint; conscious living is, you try to become a most graceful, truthful, compassionate person.

Conscious living has many, many virtues—so many virtues that you don’t have time for this belittling nonsense. When you belittle yourself nobody can help you. You were born naked. Weren’t you? Can you deny it? It is a fact you can’t deny. So why you are upset now?

You need caliber, and over and above everything, you need tons of kindness, tons; mucho, mucho kindness. When somebody is very unkind, rude, brutish, abusive, at that time, if you can smile, you have learned kindness.

You are the leaders of tomorrow. You have to walk with your own consciousness, creativeness, clarity, purity, sympathy, service, sharing, caring. You have to. You have to have endurance and patience.

When you have consciousness, you will know that this planet belongs to God and it’s His power which prevails. You will surely be happy. There shall be no sadness in your life. Learn. Learn from a little flower how subtle its life is, how beautiful and soft its petals are, how great its fragrance is, how beautiful its color is. Can’t you look at one flower, and figure out all the subtlety? And develop an understanding at that time. You and that flower are the same thing. Yes or no?

God is not outside you. He is within you. Feel Him within you, so when you lie, just understand, the guy is hearing it. When you are doing something which is mean, God doesn’t like to tell you but He knows it. It is that sensitivity of knowledge which you have to achieve. It doesn’t matter how powerful or expensive a car may be, if it doesn’t have brakes, an accident is inevitable. If your mind doesn’t know how to stop within the psyche of the circumstances of the flow… to create a universe and unisonness in you—you have not learned to live as a human.

Technologically and psychologically you are social animals, social mammals, and you have been trained in a certain way, to feel a certain way, to believe in a certain way, and to know things in a certain way. In these next eighteen days you can come out of all restrictions and reservations. You can be as wide as the sky—akasha, as solid as the Earth permits you to be, as liquid as the oceans, as high and mighty as the mountains.

You have the right to be everything and then nothing. Out of nothing what will grow? It shall be something! Then you don’t care for fashion, you don’t care for this, you don’t care for that, you have to care for nothing, because you will have reached the point of feeling, understanding, and enjoying that, “you are you.” And that’s what you need. Somewhere in life you need to be you, not what your religion wants, not what your society wants, not what your country wants, not what your neighbors want. No, you have to be you. Then, serve all with a big smile on your face. You will be loved.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

[Published in Aquarian Times, Summer 2003]