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Yogi Bhajan Answers Questions about Prosperity

Q. I have some deep-seated ideas about my inadequacy and not deserving anything. What can I do about this?

A. First of all, nobody is born inadequate. Sometimes it is the tightness of the circumstances that makes someone feel that way. That comes and goes. Secondly, you are not only you. There is your Creator. There is the creation around you. There is the interaction with people and their good will. There is something called goodness of heart. There are values and virtues. Don't deny all these aspects, and then see what happens.

Q. If it is a person's karma to be poor in this lifetime, is there any point in meditating or doing affirmations to become prosperous?

A. Every diamond which is not faceted does not shine. Your life gets faceted one way or another, either through a Teacher or through time, and prosperity comes as it comes. It is a law of life that even a beggar has a chance to be a king.

Q. You have told us that everything is God's will. Where is the line between God's will and my choice? Isn't it my choice to listen to God's will? Isn't it my choice to discipline my mind and body?

A. Your choice is to discipline your will to see God's will and enjoy it. Find a prayer that makes you vast. The reading and understanding of Japji, a universal Sikh prayer, gives you a good vision of life. Similarly, there is a lot of good in the Bible, in the Gita, in the Kaballa.

Q. How do we have more prosperity and increased simplicity in our lives while living in this crazy, accelerated, and very demanding society of the Information Age?

A.  You can learn from the birds how to fly through the hot wind and reach the shelter of a green tree.

Q. There is so much poverty in third world countries, and paradoxically the first world countries obtain their resources and profits from these poor countries. How can we help in physical and spiritual ways?

A. Be diligent; do your best. That is what conscious living is all about.

Q. How can I be more discriminating with opportunities so the ones I choose will provide me the greatest financial reward?

A. Don't be judgmental. Be compassionate. Being kind and compassionate brings all the goodness of the world to you.

Q. People always say, "I want to be a successful lawyer, or a general manager of a company" but no one says, "This year I want to double my happiness and contentment." Why is this happening?

A. Actually, by expressing these desires they are expressing their need for happiness. Bring them understanding. Teach them a new definition of happiness.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

[Originally published in Aquarian Times, Autumn 2001]