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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Notes for Teens

Excerpts from a lecture given on July 6, 1992, in Espanola, NM

What we are going to talk about is not important for me. I have lived this age. What I am saying is very important for you.

It's not that you are more sexy than we were. It's not that your BS is not known to us. The problem is you have X amount of energy. Either take this energy, make your life comfortable, wonderful, successful, or take this energy and go down the hill.

Now your life is young, you are teenagers. There are miles in life you have to cover, whether you can take maximum mileage out of life or not.

You have your emotional problems right now. You want to relate to each other. You want to talk to each other. Your base is on friends. But you have friends here in the palm of your hand. You have your Id, your existence. You have your Jupiter, your personality. You have your Saturn, your social environmental life. You have your Sun line, your professional life. And you have your Mercury, your art and the science of your communication.

One day you have to marry—do you know the art of marriage? Do you understand the science of it? Do you understand the analysis of your personality? Do you understand your sexual, sensual, physical, biological, psychological, mental, projective, realistic, reactive, all things taken together? This is your life and you have to decide it. I can't decide it for you and I am not willing to cover your gaps.

Spread your wings so you can reach your heights. You have to fundamentally understand that you have to learn, and you have to learn anywhere and everywhere you can get it.

You sometimes say we are interfering with you. We are not interfering. You are wrong to think we are your police. No, we are your projection; there is a difference between police and projection. We can give you the pros and cons and ask you to decide. But are you willing to learn for your sake, your life? That's the main question.

Are you willing to put yourself in a discipline where you are not taken advantage of? Are you willing to plan your life so there is no sorrow in your tomorrow? Are you willing enough to be realistic?

Do you know who you are? Do you know you have a physical biorhythm? Do you have your intuitive sense to identify yourself? Do you investigate and deduct and calculate? Do you take the pros and cons and cost effectiveness, and the sequence and consequences? Do you take the help available and the cover and the action and reaction of that? Do you know where you need help? Have you trained yourself with that?

Have you thought about how you will proceed, how you will achieve, how you will be going? These are certain questions which your life is asking you. You know what you are doing?

All the help parents are doing in one way or the other is so that you can choose your road and successfully make it to the destiny. Between you and destiny there is a long distance, whether you have gas enough to cover the mileage or not.

You are telephoning behind me to somebody. It means you are sitting here physically but you are not mentally attentive. You might do this all your life and that will be a handicap to start with. Not being attentive is not bothering anybody. It's just missing your opportunity for your tomorrow.

You have come here for your betterment and if you cannot professionally show you are students, and if you are not attentive, you will learn nothing. If that is the way you want to learn in life and that's what you think life is all about, and that's all your value is about, then it is useless.

Your parents have failed to teach you. They cater to your emotions, not your character. That's where you have been spoiled. If wealth is gone, nothing is gone. If health is gone, something is gone. Once character is gone, everything is gone. And if you have not built the character values in your first eleven years and you have covered it with teenage values, you won't make it.

You must understand that your basic value is where you stand as a foundation. And if there is a weak foundation, then cracks will show up.

If you have missed a basic value at seven years and have not developed your conscious character; if at eleven years you have not to project your intelligence profile; if at eighteen years you have not corrected these and walked into life, the rest of life you are just a pain in your own neck.

You are so interested in you. You want a good husband, good money, good job. God knows what you want to be. Do you know who you are first?

When a mother does not challenge a child and father does not give the alternative, you ruin the child right there in your own house. And when a child gets the mother and father emotionally in their hand, they think they got the Universe. When they go away and mother and father are not there, all is left is mother Earth and fatherly heavens. They can't handle that because they don't have expansion.

These children are very intelligent. I thought every parent will do the best for their children and they did. But they forgot one thing: children have their own emotions.

When the child’s emotions and the parent's emotions get together, disaster happens; rejection happens. When the two polarities come together, rejection happens, and that's why some are depressed, some are rejected, some are not feeling good, some do not know what right and wrong is. Otherwise these kids should have all the knowledge even before somebody can give them knowledge.

I am not saying that as a kid you don't have the right to fault. But when a fault takes the price, be ready to pay for it. You know you have X amount of energy right now. That will decrease. Age will increase and energy will decrease, so with this energy as much height as you can take, that will be your flight. Whatever is available to you right now, if you can take that height and reach that level, you will make it.

Whether you like it or not, every moment has a sequence and every moment has consequences. You have to analyze. You can't get out of it. You have the right to start a sequence and you shall face the consequences. But you don't want to face consequences.

What I am telling you is that the only chance and choice you have is to think, to plan, and to work before a sequence. There is no use crying over spilt milk. You have to face the consequences and that will never change. There are certain things you can't change in life. You cannot have a commotional bursting behavior. You cannot walk into a pit unconsciously and then feel that you are going to be okay. You cannot fall in life and not be injured. You cannot take a bait and be sure there is no hook in it.

Life is nothing but to rule your own life. You have to be your own queen and king of your life. If you don't rule your life, life will rule you. Is your life within your control? Are your own emotions in your control? You only feel them and you start acting on them.

In your life challenge will be in every moment and an answer has to come. Your life fails when it has no answer. That's why I say, "Romance doesn't buy the groceries and love doesn't cook it and sex doesn't serve it."

If the elementary habits, basic thoughts and projections are weak, foundation is weak. Wrong foundation will guarantee you wrong building. Therefore, please understand elementary value. What do you mean by elementary value?

Elementary value means anything which doesn't change through time and space. And that is called basic character. The problem with you is you do not know who you are, what your frequency is, what your projection is, what your elementary psyche is, what proportionate rate you go in, and how fast you can think, and how fast you can manage, and how fast you can deliver.

We are starting on the road of success. We have to walk on the road for our own success and if you don't walk that's fine. But at least know that the chance was given to you.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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