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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Live, Love, and Walk on Your Own Two Feet

Excerpts from a lecture given on April 18, 1987 in Los Angeles, CA

One word which I feel that I must share with you—I am really mad at you. But I want to be as polite as I can be. It’s a very touchy subject. You are not giving your children values. You are giving them hopes. You are still dealing with them with emotions. You are still exercising your right as parents—you are not paying the rent, you are charging the rent.

Once my grandfather, Bhai Fateh Singh, spoke to me when I was very young and walking by his side. He took away his index finger which I was holding and I looked at him and said, 'Did I do something wrong?"

He said, "What?"

I said, "You took away your support and affection from me."

He said, "No. Today I have fallen in love with you," and that most gracious angel bent down and became of my size. I was almost to my fourth birthday. So understand how big I was. I knew I was a very skinny boy, I was like a feather.

And he bent down and start walking like that and I said, "Why you are doing this?"

He said, "I am just telling you out of that love; those who live by other affection and support do not know how to walk on their own feet. Live, love and learn to walk on your own two feet." And he said, "Walk one step ahead of me."

Wherever you are, by yourself in different parts of the world carrying the flag, you are the flag-bearers of the house of Guru Ram Das. You are the sons and daughters of the master of the radiant body whose white hawk still flies in these blue skies, free and clear in rightful majesty, calling on you in his shrieking penetrating voice, the voice of the eagle. Telling you the skies are not your limits.

Who knows if we'll meet again or not? But we all know we cannot be separated.

With these words, enjoying my comfort within myself, giving you the time and chance to be better than me, asking you to forgive me for all the mistakes and handicaps which I have done or caused to be done as a human, or the inconveniences or challenges or things I have brought on your shoulders; but in my reality I have just asked you to walk on your own feet. To defeat those who do not want to see you prosper.

Fight with the negativity and bring the victory so that your children of tomorrow can be proud of you, can be at peace with you, can remember you with reverence and love. Love without reverence is an empty dream, and life without commitment is an empty voyage, and strength without character is cowardly.

I hope you carry my words to heart and walk tall. I know responsibilities of the time are going to be on your young shoulders. But I do feel that as many last few miles I have to travel, I like to be very peaceful; so I can walk with you walking tall. That is the best peace—inner and outer, which I would like to enjoy.

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