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Yogic Living: Love & Family

Yogi Bhajan defined love as “the ultimate state of human behavior where compassion prevails and kindness rules.” He said that where there is love, there is no question. Ultimate love is unconditional.

Sometimes we are blessed to be born into a family that instills noble values and selfless love. But sometimes not. Yogi Bhajan gave us many tools to help us open our hearts and teach us how to love unconditionally. 

“Working to create a mind at peace, a loving family, a supportive community and an overall happy life can’t change the world, but can directly affect and improve the world inside and around us. If enough of us do that, love will reach ‘critical mass’ and carry the day.” –GuruMeher Singh

Most of us have been trained to look for that one person—our soul mate—who can fulfill our longing to be loved. But we must first fulfill that longing within ourselves. No human being can fill that particular hole, not even a soul mate. With an open liberated heart, the infinite, selfless love of the Creator can flow through us and we can share that love with our families, communities, lovers, and friends.

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