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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Success in Business

Excerpts from a lecture given on April 11, 1985 in Los Angeles, CA

Business is itself an identity, complete and perfect. You serve the business and the business in return shares with you the profit. So whenever you do business because of ego, because of fear, because you have to, because somebody told you, you have started on the wrong foot.

If you handle the identity of the business all right, it shall succeed, if you don’t handle the identity of the business all right, it shall fail. It is just like having a relationship. If you have a good relationship, life will continue. If you have a bad relationship, it will not continue.

In business there is a great comfort. If you uphold your character, you become a businessman or businesswoman of character. But if you let business demands sweep over you, which is very easy—it is the only possibility which you have to guard against—then neither you will be business nor you will be you. You will be dead and gone.

Business is a process of life. It should be just done completely well. I have seen that every human being has a complete business ability. To be a wife is a business, to be a son is a business, to be a mother is a business. There is not any moment of life which is not business-like. If you live it right, you will profit out of it, if you live it wrong, you will make a loss.

We are talking now of the most vital organ of the business called the heart of the business: intention and trends. What is your intention, what do you intend to achieve in a business? Business is to achieve everlasting prosperity, that is the intention and the trend is to make it happen. 

Business is the combination of love and life. So if you look at business, business is nothing but the strength of your faith and the strength of yourself. When faith in self is put together behind the business, business will put you together along with it.

My creative habit is very simple and my business intention is very simple and it has worked: if you cannot have the best, make best of what you have. And once you start making the best out of the business and start working for it, success is sure and failure will change into success. Failure and success are parallel in business. They are equal chances and if you just start working with a full intention that if you cannot have the best, you are going to make the best of what you have, you shall succeed.

The power of you is in your vibratory effect. You always feel by talking, by planning, by pursuing, you can achieve a lot, but don’t forget one factor which is two-thirds of life: by just vibrating right, you can achieve all. One angry word, one selfish decision, one neurotic approach can ruin all for you. Similarly one conscious act, one sweet word, one right decision can make all for you.

You can always make and mar the day, you can always make and mar the hour, you can always make and mar the relationship. It all depends upon the intention of what you want in your life for yourself, that is the base. All advice, all help, all input, all profits, and all losses are just circumstances of time and space. The base is always you. Always you shall be the base, and always you were, you are, and you shall be.

So purifying the mind and mental attitude, keeping away from anger and desperation and all that, a man who has to have the world in the palm of his hand must know its weight and must be in a position to meditate.

People who think that they can have the best business dress, best business behavior, best business everything, must understand they need to have a business mind. A business mind is one which doesn’t give an inch against every odd. The business mind is an executive mind which is the byproduct of the meditative mind. They are all well linked. Your mind is what creates you, your mind is what destroys you. Your intentions may be great and good, marvelous and well achievable, but it requires the mind behind it and the capacity of mind is like Infinity.

God gave the gift of mind—which is beyond time and space—to the human. The soul can always merge in God and enjoy the bliss, but the mind can take you away from it. Life is a flow of love, only your participation is requested. Life is a book of life, only tomorrow’s page you have not read, but the beauty is, with your clear mind you can write tomorrow’s page today. That is the secret part of it; that is the training part of it.

When one door closes, a hundred doors open. Your natural tendency should be towards success. Success is not a symbol, it is an affirmation. In English it is called “keep up,” and in religious scripture it is called Cherdi Kala (rising spirit), or you call it resurrection as a Phoenix will rise through the ashes. In every culture, Hopi culture, Indian culture, Chinese culture, Japanese culture, you will find one thing very common and very concrete: “It is not the life that matters, it is the courage you bring to it.” Anybody in whose life his faith is not tested has not yet lived a life worth anything.

Life is itself a radiant beauty. It is just like the sun. It brings rays and light to the entire planet Earth. But just remember, one half is on the day side, the other half is on the dark side. Day and night go together. In life success and failure go together. In life joy and sorrow go together. In life up and down go together. But one who has learned the business quality does business with up and down, joy and sorrow, bad and good, good luck and bad luck as equally as one can. Business is business in darkness, in light—always the same. So be business-like wherever you are.

Always remember where you are now, and always remember where you have to go tomorrow, and learn it from yesterday. Yesterday’s mistakes, tomorrow’s comfort can all be achieved by today’s help. Today it is very important how you move. Today it is very important how you deal. Today it is very important how you plan. It is very important how you use your today to implement today, and that will bring you tomorrow.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan